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Monday, October 14, 2013

Larry Takes Jerry Out to Flacos

Jerry: Hi everybody it's me, Jerry. I was feeling a little sad the other day, I mean I know there
was a Mommy sighting and everything but she's not here yet. I bet her cell phone ran out.
I bet Daddy didn't pay her cell phone bill.

Anyway, Daddy told me to keep my fingers crossed and my chin up. It's hard to cross my fingers because they can only go in one position. Kind of like my feet. I can keep my chin up if someone doesn't swivel my head.
Anyway, Daddy took me to my favorite place ever, Flacos in Berkeley and this what we had. Daddy can you tell everybody what we had?

Larry: Well, Jerry and Mommy and me love the taquitos which are made of a soy chicken mixture rolled in a corn tortilla and fried. They're doused in Flacos' signature avocado salsa, (also sold to-go for $6), which comes in mild or spicy, the latter with roasted habaneros, but we get it with mild because there is no happy medium. 
Flaco's 3031 Adeline Street Berkeley, California 94703 510.981.8081

Jerry: Tell everybody in blog world about the the huarache, Daddy.
Larry: Hi everybody in blog world, a huarache is a handmade corn tortilla layered with avocado, refried pinto beans, rice, cilantro, onions, cabbage and..
Jerry: There's cabbage in it, Daddy? No way!
Larry: Way, Jerry and it has radish and salsa too.

Jerry: And Flaco's has pozole that is almost as good as Mommy's.

Larry: Almost, you can find Mommy's recipe here. 
Jerry: I wish Mommy was here!!!

Larry and Jerry scream and cry and get kicked out of Flacos. On their way home from Berkeley Larry and Jerry get hopeful when they see Mommy's poster on a telephone pole. Larry and Jerry know in their heart of hearts that if people in Berkeley are looking for GiGi, then by God Mommy will be home soon.

Yes, GiGi/Mommy will be home soon.

P.S. I need Mommy to help me with Blogger. I am very sorry the text came out weird!!!


  1. Wait, GiGi still isn't back yet? And you ate tacos without her??
    The pozole looks bombbb. I would be sad to miss that if I were her.

    1. Yeah, GiGi isn't back yet, but there was a GiGi sighting which justifies the pozole. Thank you for swinging by.

  2. I could go for a big bowl of pozole right now. Thank you Jerry for the food descriptions. If I lived closer, I'd help you search for Mom. Have you tried facebook? I thought I saw her there.

    1. Thank you, Aunt Andrea. I tried tampering with Mommy's Facebook account but the child locks are too strong. I hacked into Mommy's blogger account pretty good though. ;)

  3. Pozole and tacos?! Best things in the world!