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Monday, October 7, 2013

Harriet the Spy Picks a Winner of the Voopee Pie Giveaway

Winner of the above White Chocolate Cherry or White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies announced!!!

Harriet: Hello good people of everywhere! Harriet here. You know, Harriet, from the Voopee Pie Contest and the "Looking for GiGi Sleuth." That Harriet.

So as you know on September 29th, 2013 at exactly 3:50 PM  I ran a giveaway slash contest. The super duper prize is a box of yummy White Chocolate Cherry or White Chocolate Cranberry Voopee Pies. Said contest ended tonight when I put all the contestants names into a "Psychic Science Number Generator!!!" Thank you all for playing.

               The winner is abracadabra... ta da drum roll and cymbals and timbales... please
***CADRY of the awesome blog Cadry's Kitchen***

Harriet: Gee I hope GiGi gets back here soon to bake for you. Don't worry! Since the GiGi sighting last week we have been fast on GiGi's trail. My special detective notebook is almost filled up with clues and stuff. I swear I almost spotted GiGi the other day, but trust me I know GiGi would never in a trillion billion centuries wear a hat like this one, and never pink like this! Patooey. Turned out, it was just some crazy cat woman who sells vegan baked goods and doodads. At least we are getting closer.

Congratulations Cadry!


  1. Encyclopedia Who? Harriet is my favorite sleuth now!! (Although, I am a little disappointed, because when I read it was a giveaway slash contest, I thought I might win this guy: Oh, well.)

    Thanks, Harriet, for running this awesome contest in Gig's absence!! Maybe this nice lady in the hat will make my White Chocolate Cherry VooPee pies for me!

  2. Congrats Cadry! :)

    And Harriet should tell GiGi that she'd totally rock that hat if she wore it. :D