Make No Bones About It We're Vegan


The years brought greater commitment and love for the world’s creatures. Giving up dairy was simple. I was a performer/vocalist and I didn’t like the phlegm. The thought of what little yolks were  made my tummy hurt so the transition to being a vegan was almost easy. Sure the egg on the plate was gone, but I had to compromise didn't I? I mean I was a baker after all, and I couldn't let my baked goods suffer, and what about meringues?
Ah hell! 
The angel on my shoulder kept saying, "Screw the meringues and angel food cakes. What about the chickies? Think of the chickies, GiGi!"

Being a little bit vegan, felt  like being a little bit pregnant. 

Gosh Darn It! I would find a way to make my baked goods taste great without sacrificing taste and not sacrificing chickies!

Then that annoying angel had to take it a couple of steps (pun intended) further didn't she?

While you're at it GiGi, go check out your closet.
Yes, I said it's beautiful isn't it,  it is color coordinated, the black clothes are on one side and the leopard is on the other.
How 'bout the shoes? she said.
Shoes and Choos, she said.
I said, the Choos choose to stay.

We had many fights in those early days of veganhood. I now wear vegan appropriate foot wear.

Progress not perfection is a good thing.

Little known Facts about GiGi

 As an actress I was the queen of pratfalls. 
 I've made a living as (see  above) a tennis pro, comedy writer, emcee, hash slinger vegan baker, nutritional counselor and Elf. 
 I once helped a doctor surgically remove a mole. I also assisted the same doctor in stitching up a ripped tongue. 
 I've written, produced, and performed a one-woman show. My husband directed. One time there were more people in the audience than on stage. 
I'm half Latvian, 1/2 Scottish and was born in Brooklyn. 

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