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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Guess Who's At The Window

Hey, forgive me for not posting since the Opiesode. It's countdown to V-day and I'm a busy little bugger churning out vegan sweetness and light for the masses. I've missed you so. I didn't want to come by empty handed, so I managed to come up with some new surprises here in Veganville. Remember this.. when these blondies were just a glint in my eye. Well we've worked on these in the Veganville test kitchen and we think these blondies are so delicious that they might even become a legend. And guess what! Legends never die, which means these blondies will have an infinite shelf life and will never ever expire. They'll out live you and you can even be buried in your mausoleum with a box of them. Okay... none of that is true except maybe the mausoleum part. Besides, these are so awesome that you'll forget all about expiration dates, (yours and theirs). You will want to eat them right away. Hey live a little! Here's just a hint of this new product the first in our line of, "Guess Who's At the Window Box" boxes, and who better to introduce the these blondies than...
Blondies Have More Fun

Marilyn Can't Wait to Get Her Hands on These
and you won't either! Box comes with Marilyn coveting the goodies. That's why they're called "Guess Who's at the Window Box". Thanx for the great pic, Larry! Coming to an Etsy near you.

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  1. Hey come she gets all the attention..what about this blondie..ova heeeya!
    they look yummy those blondies! your pics look good too! i know you are so busy..yay and nay!
    see ya soon..oh ,and how can you be buried in a mausoleum?Mommy won't likeeeee ..xoxoxox heidi

  2. You can introduce my blondies, any old time Blondie. Does mommy favor criogenics. Thank you, Heidels xoxoxo

    Wow - so nice to see you Janet and Rachel!Thanx for swinging by. Thank you!