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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Dope on Opie?

So what's the dope on Ope? Looks like all the vegan boards are lit up. Yesterday I was even featured in an Etsy treasury curated by sister vegan Etsian, Heather Vegan entitled Oprah It's Vegan Not Veganish (While you're there check out Heather's beautiful shop).

Let me first say this. Over the years that Oprah has been the reigning queen of daytime TV I've maybe seen the show once or twice. Once when she pulled a wagon filled with pounds of hamburger that equaled the amount of weight she had lost to fit into her size ten Calvin's. I think I saw the Tonya Harding baseball bat episode.You remember the episode where Tonya tried to reenact the Nancy Kerrigan debacle by taking out Oprah's knees. I don't have a TV. Here is the proof that I do not own a TV.
Oprah weeps openly because GiGi does not have a TV and has to miss the Howard Lyman vegan show.
Check out Howard Lyman here. You know the mad cowboy, who's a 4th generation cattle rancher and vegan. Apparently Howard did not want to hear Michael Pollan, (or is it Pollen-I'm definitely allergic to this guy), say "happy meat" 300 times in one show. What? Drive past Coalinga, CA on the 5 interstate and you can taste the death for miles.You can see the unhappiness in those animals eyes. Happy? I never thought of being brought to slaughter as a joyous moment. But what do I know, Howard?

Howard also didn't want to be there because he makes Oprah cry too. "Please Mr. Lyman I can only do this vegan challenge for 7 days. I know it's not compassionate to eat animals but on day 8 Gail has got to go get me some big ass 1/4 pounder, and a large strawberry milk shake. Just to show you how compassionate Oprah can be I am  going to give everybody in the audience a new car. Check under your seats, everybody" .

A handful of vegans were ecstatic to see Veganism get some mainstream exposure. Most said we were misrepresented and that Lisa Lings visit to a factory farm was pure pablum and overly planned. Her visit certainly did not feature atrocities that most vegans are aware of.

Okay, I know I just gave you the Opie Cliff Notes, but remember, I don't have a television so I can only make things up in my head. I'm not going to leave you hanging though. I just read a blog written by somebody who just so happens to have a television set, and boy oh boy is her Oprah blog chockful of perspective. (In my mind the right perspective). Thank you Cindi!

Has anyone seen Tanya?
Uh-oh! I'm outta here.


  1. LOL! I'm laughing so hard right now. You're too awesome, GIGI! Thank you so much for linking the treasury, it was great fun picking the items out. I did see part of the show, but Michael Pollan made me very upset, so I shut it off. I watched it later on when it was posted online. If it is a show plugging the vegan name, then it should be only about vegans. I guess being afraid of being sued again, was too much for her. So I guess that is why folks were "eating meat isn't bad" every other fifth word. Wish I could say, I don't have a TV.---lucky you!

  2. I DO have a TV GiGi and I still haven't seen a single episode of her vegan stuff. I figure if she does some good, great. If she has Pollan-ish people on then my blood pressure would shoot through the roof and to what end? I couldn't change it, so I don't watch it.

    Thanks for the post and confirmation that it was wise to avoid her majesty.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I didn't watch the show and I don't want too. I am sure I'll be mad. I still don't understand why Michael Pollen was on the show. Very frustrating! I hope she at least did a little good for veganism. We need to get Ellen to get her staff to take the challenge. I am sure her show would have a better cast of supporters.

  4. Hey Heather- You are so welcome. I agree completely it's a vegan challenge not a debate so why have that nudnick Pollen or any vegan hater on! Always glad to help with a chuckle :)

    VA love it "pollan-ish" people. Yes why watch if we are just powerless over it being aired anyway!

    VeggieAmanda-I think that is such a great idea youi ahve about the Ellen show!