Make No Bones About It We're Vegan

Monday, January 17, 2011

What's Up Blondie?

I was never a brownie or a girl scout even though I've sold my cookies from door to door. (Oh you know what I mean). I was a Blondie and even streaked. I've never had a Blondie before yesterday.
I've decided you can interpret this blog any way you want. So as not to further confuse you further let's talk about Blondie's and Brownies as in food and desserts and specifically vegan desserts, shall we.
When I was a mere vegetarian I was known in certain circles for my rad peanut butter brownies. When Veganhood called I switched up PB brownies for moist cakey-fudgey brownies. I serve these up with chocolate mousse.Yesterday I decided to go Blondie. I made these with tahini, pb, agave and vegan chocolate chips and some organic sugar. I think next time I'll add more PB and cut some of the sugar. Still they were a crowd pleaser. To me they were a cross between halvah and chocolate chip cake with a brownie consistency.

I don't know if Blondies have more fun, but they are kind of cute. And speaking of Blondie maybe tomorrow I'll make a vegan Dagwood sandwich. Yum.


  1. I love halvah and if these gave you the impression of one, I want one!

    Looks delish, GiGi! Brownie..Blodie...Halvah...whatevah

  2. Me too, me too. Love Halvah! Thanx, vegan Aide.