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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Chia Experience, A Guest Post

My blogosphere participation has been close to nil lately. I've had lots of ideas floating between these two ears (poem not intended) and little time to execute them. I want to read and comment on my favorite blogs and then wind up in the weeds. "In the weeds "is kitchen speak for hustling to catch up on orders. Backlog. Veganville has been swamped with online Mother's Day orders along with regular local brick and mortar sales.When my friend Susmitha who I call Susmithy asked me to guest post for her gorgeous blog, Veganosaursus I knew I had to make and find the time to do a blog. I know I met Susmithy through Vegan Etsy, but I'm not sure how or when our mutual admiration society developed, I think we go back lifetimes. We chat, laugh, support, talk activism and animals and food, books. Susmitha's blog photos are beautiful, her videos are enchanting, her claymation delightful and how many superlatives can I use in one sentence? Thank you Etsy, and Modern technology for introducing me to an awesome friend and lady.
Hey check out more of my guest post there, because I am not going to give you all the recipes here:) And I'm not going to give you all the recipes there because I want you to read this too.

Guest Post

Chia seeds made a comeback last year. Posts and recipes were everywhere. The vegan boards were lit up like chia seed Christmas trees. For me the light was on and nobody was home. See it took me a while to get on board the chia seed party boat. I'm not sure if it's because I lost the coolness factor or that the ubiquitous gelatinous chia is $14.95 a bag at my local Whole Foods. Anyway what the hell was I going to do with all those seeds? When I found out the seeds are actually the very same seeds that go into growing those TV chia pets they show on late night commercials, I procrastinated even more. I mean if I give into these chia seed pet seeds what would I give into next- thigh busters and JLo pendants? Still, all those chia puddings look pretty enticing, a little like tapioca only a whole lot healthier, and who doesn't like a good tapioca? Okay, my mom doesn’t, that’s who. My mom detests tapioca; she thinks it looks like little balls of sn_ _. I probably shouldn't say that on a food blog but what the heck, it’s true. That's what she thinks.

I gave in and bought the seeds and just when I was about to make a super duper chia pudding, crazy boy aka the husband brought home the first blueberries of the season. Since this is a guest post for Susmitha, ice creme maker to the stars:)I just had to whip some cold creamy delicious blueberry and creme dessert up first.

Blueberries and Creme Ice Creme
Adapted from Veganomicon by Isa Moskowitz and Hope Romero

about 3/4 pound blueberries
1/4 C water
1 T cornstarch
2 packets Stevia + 2 T agave

Place 1/2 the berries in a sauce pan. Add 1/8th C water and sweetener. Heat to boil. In a separate cup mix 1/8th of C cold water with cornstarch. Add to hot liquid and simmer about 6- 8 minutes. Stir often, then let cool completely. This is also a great topping by itself over vanilla ice creme.Once cooled proceed with ice creme recipe.

1/2 C cream of coconut  (place coconut milk in frig over night) then open can and scoop out creme from the top. (you can make whipped creme like that as well) which is the other part of the blueberries and creme.
1 C almond milk
4 packets stevia and a 2 T agave
6 oz silken tofu

Pour all ingredients into food processor and blend. Pour into ice crem maker, and now add the blueberry mix and the remaining berries, stir. Follow machine manufacturerer's directions.  For blueberries and creme, make your favorite vegan whipped topping and layer in parfait glass.

I digress. Chia has been called the ancient food of the future. Clearly it is called this because if you make a pudding now you won’t be eating it anytime soon. Chia has also been known to increase energy, prolong hydration and build muscle and tissue. This is also good since you might have to stay up all night waiting for the crazy ass pudding to set. I guess I could have slept or watched some more infomercials, but I was excited to see how much energy I would derive from the pudding. I couldn’t wait to see how speedy I would get if I coupled the chia with my morning cup of Joe. Energy and speedy = good in my book.

I read about some chia recipe flops. There are a lot of hot and bothered chia blog recipe comments out there, really. Like, Hey my stupid chia never solidified, and this was supposed to be my breakfast and this chia looks the same now as when I went to sleep, and another one, your stupid chia recipe sucks. Still I risked it all and forged ahead.

Find the recipe and see what happened at the Chia Seed unveiling the next day which also happened to be my birthday, in the exclusive footage found only on Veganosaurus.
Sure, you might have to wait until your birthday for the chia to set and you might need a a new haircut but I think it would totally be worth it. The pudding is delicious with a scoop of vegan ice creme on top. While you are over at Susmitha’s, try one of her many scrumptious ice creme recipes. Tell her, her buddy Geegers sent you.


  1. Oooh a bonus recipe. :D The ice cream loos yum!! And the coconut creme sounds amazingly delicious! *slurp*

    Thanks so much for doing a guest post on my blog and for all your kind words about my blog here, GiGi!! :) *hugs*

  2. Ack! "The ice cream LOOKS yum!!" not LOOS (though it might, who knows) hahahaha

    When will I learn to proof read before hitting submit? :oP

  3. You are welcome, my friend. My pleasure. Haha, I do the same thing.

  4. Hooray! A new blog entry (not that I have been checking every day)
    Hahaha! The chia party boat! I made a chia dessert once and it was awful. Really awful. Trying to decide now whether to try your chia recipe or just grow a Shaggy chia pet.
    Blueberry icecream looks AMAZING.

  5. Hahaha. Fattoppotamus. This is really good, forget the pe chia. Try this.

    PS Susmitha, it would have been nice had I edited this better before publishing too :(

  6. I still haven't gotten on the chia bus, but it might be time. (Was there actually a chia bus? Who can remember?) Anyway, my favorite part of your posts has to be the crazy cool hat. Will you be selling those on Etsy soon? You can call it the Chia Chapeau!

  7. There is always chia transportation available, Cadry. A bus, Hmmm not sure :)

    Yes, thank you Cadry, they might be available for sale once I figure out packaging and shelf life. Chia Chapeau is a catchy chia name.

  8. i love that color! i need an icecream maker this summer.. ice cream recipes are about to explode all over! and i also want to get Hannah's new ice cream book.. and have just ice cream parties!

  9. I know thanx, great color isn't Richa. An ice cream maker is where it's at. I made strawberry last night.
    I've had ice creme buffets for deesert. They are so fun.Do it! Do it!

  10. I had trouble with the whole chia idea simply because I kept hearing the commercial jingle for chia pets going around in my head every time! What do you mean you EAT them? Ew! lol My friend sent me a special package of them (ground) and I've been throwing them in my morning smoothie. It does thicken it a bit - probably because I use them ground up it speeds the process. My skin has become super smooth and soft and I do have more energy. I plan on stocking up at the local health food store today, because they have a 40% off sale on organic chia seed!

  11. hahaha. thank you for reading and sharing, pixv. oooh nice skin is always a perk. Eat them or wear them, the benefits are great. and if you get them at a 40% discount I heard that your energy increases by 40%.