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Friday, May 18, 2012

Crazy Boy Cooks

Hey do you dig Pinterest as much as I do? I really like it a lot more now since I pronounce it properly. For months I shouted from the rooftops, "Hey you gotta check out Pin-interest, Pin-interest is the best." Well, forget the rooftop shouts I practically jumped when a friend told me that I might be interested in calling Pin-interest by it's rightful name, Pinterest. Pinterest- Pin- interest. Who cares I didn't jump and I've lived to pin. Now Crazy Boy husband calls it Pin-interest. Please don't try to correct him, he is Sicilian and he might push you off the roof.
I got Crazy Boy to join the site a couple of months ago. He seemed excited enough at the time. He pinned a bunch of my food while in a manic cycle. That doesn't count. During that upswing he also cleaned a neighbor's garage which is all well and good, but we have never met our neighbor. With the exception of the manic pins, psycho boy actually has two pins. One is the picture he took of a dog. The other is a recipe from "the Vegan Stoner". In typical Drama King fashion Psycho Boy made a huge deal about both pins.

Crazy Boy: Hey, guess what? Somebody repinned my dog!!! I gotta a repin! I gotta repin! He then went outside and told all the cats in the neighborhood about his repin.
 (I think he wrote a letter to his congressman about it.)

GiGi: Um...You gotta repin from a spam site, honey. I repinned it though.

Crazy Boy: What?! A spam site?! They can't have my dog picture.

GiGi: Why don't you make the Vegan Stoner recipe? I think the Vegan Stoner blog would be a nice blog for you to follow.

Crazy Boy: But we've been trying to get our brain cells back since the Reagan administration.

GiGi: That's right. I forgot, apparently so did Reagan. (that's terrible, I'm sorry) Make the recipe anyway. It could be a memorable dinner.

And my terrific but crazy guy did just that, and lucky for me, decided to cook for me and Marcia during my busiest week, Mother's Day week . Thank you, honey I am so blessed!!!! xoxox and a big shout out to Vegan Stoner. You gotta check Vegan Stoner out! The illustrations are amazing!!! Click on the link and you can find the Falafel Recipe crazy boy made.

The sweetest Crazy boy on earth!

Falafel Pie
First the Crust.

Then the ingredients

The Pie, which was much more delicious than the picture.

Please Follow Larry's pins at .


  1. Cutting lemons is hard work — trying to cut them is what really counts. It's the same with pronunciation. If you never try to say the words, even made-up words like pinterest, you won't be able to speak. I'm going to go look at the recipe now because I haven't got a clue what to have for dinner.

  2. There is truth to that, Andrea. Aren't all words madeup? What?! No Lima bean soup left?
    It's really good, do check it out.

  3. Haha! I had so much fun reading this post! Yeah I love Pinterest (or should I say Pin-interest) too! ;) And that recipe looks interesting, sure is different, would be a nice one for lunch. :)

  4. Awww. thank you! pin-interest, pinterest either one is okay :) haha. thanx for stopping by.

  5. One of my former theatre professors was really disappointed to learn that Pinterest wasn't a website dedicated to the works of Harold Pinter. Apparently, Pinterest brings out the confusion in people! I still haven't made anything from the Vegan Stoner, but I've definitely enjoyed their blog. Their drawings are so creative and entertaining! I'm glad Larry pushed through with his pinning. The pie looks very tasty!

  6. Hahaha, understandable. They do have a sight called Harold Pinterest. Please notify your former theatre professor, although I understand that if you use a Pinterest and Harold Pinterest at the same time, there will be some conflict of interest or a a "Betrayal". bahahaha.

  7. Enjoying your blog GiGi, lots of fun :) I'm following you and Larry in the pinterverse now

  8. Awww, thank you Tess! Larry will be super excited...seiously. If he remembers what it is.
    Pinterverse...that 's great!

  9. I'm following Larry, too! I love Pin-interest!

  10. Yay! Thank you. Me too. I love Pinterest as you probably know from all my pins and likes.
    I just told Larry that you and Tess are following him...
    and he's retort, but I only have one dog picture.