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Monday, March 5, 2012

Vegan Choos or Do Vegans Choose Shoes....Confused

Lots of blogs have "About Me Pages", where they talk about them, unless I do a guest post and we talk about me. I did a guest blog over at Cara's "Fork and Beans" last week. Thank you again, Cara! Here's the link in cased you MISSED it. Welcome new followers who have come way of F and B.

Vegan bloggers "About Me Pages" usually detail their "journey to conscious eating". I almost wrote "journey to couscous eating"... but lots of vegans are also gluten free so I changed it back. Today I decided to be all inclusive, and not be a gluten for punishment bahahaha.  
I don't have an "About Me Page". I have an "About Me Blurb". When I penned the "About Me Blurb", I felt that my passionate wish for vegan Jimmy Choo stilettos would convey my love of veganism. After all I had sacrificed the masterpiece of stiletto engineering on behalf of a cow. Alas, snake and lizard had to go too and before I knew it, my closet was filled with some beautiful cheapo cruelty free shoes I never would clomped a mile in before. Hannibal Lechter might have guessed Clarice's socioeconomic upbringing when he said, "good bag, cheap shoes.", but I doubt he could guess my new tootsies were vegan.

These are super comfy and you can find a myriad of cool vegan shoes over at Lulus.

"Those are not vegan wedgies, GiGi!"
Yeah, okay, Okey Dokey they're not vegan ;) Well Hannibal, all this shoe biz just makes me want to chow down on some fruit leather. How 'bout you Han?
I was going to make some for you dear reader, and they are pretty easy to make but do you know that it takes something like ten years to bake these fruit roll ups in a 250 degree oven?
Not everybody has all that time to wait around, except maybe the fantastic blogger who posted these babies and maybe Hannibal here but hey we're not letting him near an oven. Okey Dokey.

I really want to make these! See above link for recipe.


  1. Cute shoes!

    Fruit leather is so delicious.

  2. Thanx Molly, they are quite comfy too. Me too, Me too! I could eat 110 feet of fruit leather.

  3. I used to make fruit leather in my dehydrator. Once I got the fruit on the trays the dehydrator did all the work and I just showed up now and then to see if it was done.

    The shoes are cute and I'll take your word for the comfy, but I'd probably fall over and break a leg if I tried to walk in them.

  4. Why don't you make fruit leather anymore? Did you stop with using the dehydrater?

    Thank you, Andrea. I bet you could walk in them. Have you ever been a heel gal?

  5. Your guest post was AWESOME, GiGi! And thank you for making a conscious choice for the couscous-less eaters over here :) And now you are making me want to chew on fruit leather...

  6. Thank you again, Cara!
    Bahahaha. I looooove fruit leather.

  7. The dehydrator is in my house in Wisconsin, though I might fetch it this summer if the car isn't too full. I made fruit leather for my kids when they were young.

    The only heels I can walk in are the ones on my feet. I wore platforms once, but I've never been a heel-wearer.

  8. I need a dehydrator this summer! i love fruit roll ups! i cant walk in heels either anymore.. and i already have decent non any kind of leather flats for all the seasons.. no more shoe shopping this year:)

  9. That's good to know that fruit leather can be made without a dehydrator. I love gadgets, but I haven't ticked that one off the list yet. Think of all the money I could save making my own 99 cent Lara Bars after I spend money on a two hundred dollar dehydrator! ;)

  10. Andrea-leave some room for the dehydrater!You are good vegan mom!!!

  11. Richa...a flat for all seasons ;)I love fruit leather so much that it has been known to make me sick.

    Do you have to use a dehydrater for 99 cent lara bars, Cadry? (I just had a 1.79 cashew lara bar fro breakfast) hey think of all the shoes you could buy by saving that money.

  12. Lol gluten for punishment