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Saturday, March 31, 2012

How to Justify a French Fry

March was not a smiley face month. In fact, Daffy Duck would call it, dethspicable. But hey who am I to judge? If you believe in a benevolent universe (as I do) then you also believe that in the long run some good will come out of even the most crap hit fans. I believe this positive stuff because Big Pharma makes positive thought meds just for me. Hey, did I tell you I have one more month of insurance coverage? Yes, that is very true my friend, so now in addition to your grand hope to save the planet you will now have to save the planet from me. That is, if some kind benefactor does not GET ME MY VEGAN MEDS! Kidding. Kind of. I'll be okay. I know how to work the system. *wink wink*

After that rant I have no idea how to segue into the crazy and sad stuff March roared in with. Well, let's start with the 4,000 battery cage hens who were abandoned for two weeks without food and water and left to die in Turlock, California. Thank God, Animal Place, Peta and Harvest Home stepped in and rescued thousands. My friend Roni from the jewelry, bath and beauty shop  Daisywares is one of the many volunteers who was there everyday. She was a major player in the rescue effort and continues to help with the rehabilitation of these beautiful creatures.  I'm so proud of her.  Sue Klapholz kind owner of jewelry/photo shop, Spritely Finch  and her daughter, were part of the initial rescue. It is impossible to name all the volunteers but thank you! And a big big shout goes out to Kim Surla and Marji Beach of Animal Place. If you get a moment please check out the Animal Place site. You can see how the hens are doing a month later.

Crazy Boy and I volunteered to go up to Animal Place on the first Thursday we were off. We were excited to help with the hens and had planned to bring trays of food for the volunteers. The day before we were scheduled to go my friend Lisa called me from the ER. She had taken a terrible fall and broke her wrist on one side and her arm on the other. We opted to go help my friend in need. Cue Dionne Warwick sappy tune "that's what friends are for". Anyway,
Lisa's road to recovery would take a long time.Thank God for friends who can rally for support. Lisa and I have always had the uncanny ability to laugh through struggles and tears. Laughter is a natural healer.

Then, in a matter of weeks two friends died unexpectedly. Aaron was funny,stubborn, sweet and tragic. Kevin was spiritual, fit, vegetarian, Buddhist, funny and real. Kevin found time to help everybody. And he loved my black forest cupcakes. We had just seen Kevin. I mean WTF? He looked fine. Aaron overdosed. Too many demons, I think. Kevin's kind heart stopped.

So, our March trip to Animal Place wasn't meant to be . I am sad that we couldn't go and help because I am a big believer in doing service. Service, according to Webster's is an act of helpful activity; help; aid. There were days I felt bad that I couldn't help more with the rescue, and days I wondered why I couldn't even blog. I know I was sideswiped by sadness. I can't explain the unexplainable. In this crazy life I've learned that you do what you can do to help when and where you can. No one soul can be called to do the work of another. The thing is, you just never know when or where you are going to be called to action. Some days I could only suit up and show up for work. Some days I would just go through the motions and then stare into space and play silly FB games. Some days, I just showed up for friends. And some days yep some days I just ate french fries.

French Fries with mustard greens and baked tofu

TJ's baked french fries

Comfort Food French Fries and Mustard Greens

TJ's bag of french fries
3/4 bag of Mustard greens washed
1/2 package of baked tofu (I used lemon pepper) chopped
1 C of water
1/2 C of nooch
canola spray
Tabasco/hot sauce
sea salt

Bake fries according to directions.Meanwhile spray pan with canola spray. Heat pan. Place mustard greens in pan spray again. Toss. Cover for about 8 minutes. Add water and sea salt. Simmer for about 15 minutes. Add Tabasco and nooch. Cook for another 5 minutes. Add french fries. Toss. Serve in bowls.

RIP Aaron xoxo
RIP Kevin xoxo

And the rest of you, who are still kicking around this crazy earth be kind to yourselves today. Tell somebody you love them. Have compassion for someone less fortunate.Take care of one another. And take care of the animals.

Maybe eat a french fry.


  1. What a month, GiGi! Ack! :( Thanks for the heads up on Animal Place, I hadn't heard of them before. Hang in there!

  2. Hey Mothrasue ( I have to call you by your handle here)
    I know March was crazy, for you as well, I think.
    Yes, Veganville Etsy is donating 15% of all online orders to Animal Place.It's a wonderful organization.
    You too. I believe April will be a good month for all.

  3. <3 Big love to you! So sorry to hear about your friends and your crappy month in general. <3

  4. Sorry to hear about your very difficult month GiGi. Hope April brings better and brighter things. *hugs*

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of your friends. It's always particularly shocking when we lose people suddenly. I'm glad that you're taking care of yourself and just being gentle with taking the time that you need. I'm sure it's a lot to process. I'm keeping you in my thoughts!

  6. PS What is nooch?

  7. Hi Fattopotamus. Great to see you over here. Thank you so much. Hugs back. I moving on from the crappy month now. Nooch is shorthand for nutritional yeast.

  8. Thank you, Veganosaurus. So appreciate you :) April will be good I can feel it. Hugs!

  9. Thank you so much Cadry. Yes, we were all very shocked. Thank you so much for your kind words. Hugs.

  10. I'm so sorry you had such an awful month, Gigi. How sad that you lost two friends like that. I hope that April is much kinder!

  11. Awww, thank you Molly! Yes, March was not particularly kind :(
    I have faith that April will be a kinder month.

  12. Gigi, visit us when you can...I do not believe anyone here - human or nonhuman - holds it against you that you cared for your friends and loved ones. :) Here's hoping April brings a spring of love and happiness.

  13. So sorry for your losses. I know what it feels like to suddenly loose good friends. It can be hard to recover from the sadness and shock.

    The pain inflicted by "humans" on animals is intolerable and hard to stomach — especially when you want to help but can't.

    Hope you're feeling more at ease, and that the new season will bring happier times. Thinking of you.

  14. The fries mustard greens and tofu looks really good! I think I might try it. I am eating fries like crazy lately.

  15. Marji- thank you so much. I look forward to getting there when I can. Thank you for all that you do there.
    you said it, shock, and couldn't wrap my head around it. too much analyzing I think.Yes, I don't understand how some humans can inflict that. or even think it's hilarious to make dead meat jokes. I don't get it. It makes me incredibly sad. We do what we can do. There is no small act of kindness. Thank you for your kindness, my friend!

  16. Lilah-
    you crack me up:) I so appreciate you commenting on my french fries. It was delicious and the greens healthified the french fries.

  17. So sorry to hear your stories, hopefully things will perk up soon. I'm so sorry for your losses. Keep you chin up.

  18. I have been behind on my blog reading... I am so sorry for your losses. It's ok to eat french fries and play fb games. It's even OK to cry sometimes. There is no rhyme or reason sometimes, but hold on to the happy times. They will help you through!