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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cool Beans Nasoya Giveaway and Leftover Pasta Pie Recipe

I promised you a contest and I promised you a chance to win some Nasoya swanky swag. I haven't received my swag, (read- tee shirt in size unknown), from the lovely Nasoya peeps over at Nasoya.There could be a couple of reasons for that. If you are a long time reader of mine you probably know that I changed my address. That could be it. Or it could be that Nasoya's very nice PR person chased down the FedEx truck to get my tee shirt back after I conveyed some very real concerns I had about their Nasoya Tofu U site. Sure I like tofu and sure no animals were killed making the silken tofu I use for my mousse, but what about their egg based noodles and all the meat and chicken recipes on their site?  What about the frozen PB pie recipe dubbed vegan on their site but dripping with honey? Well I tell you I almost threw the baby tofu out with the tofu water. I was so conflicted. Why should I deprive my readers and fans of a give away? That would not be the right thing to do. No! Besides, I want more 'bout a bag, or more coupons, or how 'bout sending me some of those nifty Richard Simmons like gym shorts with Tofu U written on them? I could wear them dancing to the oldies in my kitchen.

Crap. Now I probably have to apologize to Nasoya. I'm sorry Nasoya. I really do love Nasoya Silken Tofu. I used it in the pasta pie recipe I'm about to give you. I actually have used all their tofus except the new sprouted ones. I tried to track down Nasoya's new hummus but it was unavailable in the five stores that I checked. Speaking of five stores I take the fifth on Nayonnaise. It reminds me of that midwest sandwich spread - you know the one with the initials M.W. It might be good with vegan baloney, on vegan white bread if you dig that sort of thing. What do I know? Before we play, check out this interview I had on prime time.
Here's the recipe for leftover pasta pie I promised you.

Leftover Pasta Pie Made With Nasoya Silken Tofu

1 Prepared corn crust pie
1 hearty portion of leftover pasta (ours was made with rice pasta, peas, vine ripened tomato, Tofurkey and red onion)
vegan pesto (enough to cover bottom of pizza shell)
olive oil spray
1/4 C water
3 vine ripened tomatoes
1 clove of garlic minced

1 package Nasoya Silken Tofu (drained and pressed) crumbled
1 C Daiya Mozzarella
1 T oregano
1 tsp liquid smoke

Preheat oven according to corn pizza shell directions. Spread pesto on bottom of crust. Place on cookie sheet or pizza pan. Spray skillet with canola or olive oil, cook garlic for about 2 minutes, mix in pasta and add about 2 T of water, cook about 5 minutes, add crumbled tofu, and liquid smoke. Cook over medium heat for about 12 minutes. Add water or spray as needed. Slice tomatoes and place in concentric circles on pizza shell. Top with tofu mixture, sprinkle with Daiya and oregano. Cook according to pizza shell directions (12-15 minutes). Let sit.

Onto the giveaway and your chance to cash in on some free coupons and tee. Winners will be announced Friday December 14th  and will be chosen through a mighty number generator.

Here's all the ways you can play. You can enter as many times as you want too. Tell me what action you took in the comments. Each action is worth an entry. Woo hoo! Number 5 is worth 2 entries. C'mon I want those gym shorts.

1. Add yourself as a follower of the blog.
2. Tweet this contest.
3. Like the Nasoya FB page.!/Nasoya
4. Like Veganville on FB!/pages/VEGANVILLE-Make-No-Bones-About-ItWere-Vegan/101254843910
5. And here's the clincher. Enroll in Tofu U and take the pledge to cook tofu once a week, (we're vegans, how easy is that?).

Good luck and thanx for playing the "Cool Beans" giveaway!


  1. Hey there! Don't enter me in the drawing as I don't see much in the way of Nasoya products up here in Canadia, but I just wanted to say thanks for the awesome-looking pizza recipe!!!!

  2. I don't think your address is the problem. See, they offered to send coupons and swag for me and a blog contest but they never did, and I didn't challenge the content of tofu U. (Maybe they can read minds. I don't know.) Anyway, they just re-sent the coupons but still no swag. I think the swag is a lost cause, and will never come. They had my correct address, too. If you get swag, I'll be jealous! But maybe I can win some here, and then use it for my contest. :D I follow your blog. I like your fb page.

  3. Hey Stacy- Thanx. I hope you try it and let me know if you like it. You are NOT entered.

  4. I don't think the Nasoya people are psychic. They told me they sent out the tee shirt and then asked them how they knew what size I was. They did not answer. You know the coupons. They came without a note just a plain white envelope and the coupons stuck in. Hmmm. maybe we should rethink this contest, and you know what else hu huh Andrea the Nasoya people told me I could get a bag and stuff and then they changed their minds. I think we should have our own contest, Andrea. Unless of course I get the tee shirt and you are my only contestant. So far Stacy doesn't want to play.

  5. Hi Rivka. Thank you for playing. Extra points too.

  6. That pizza is fascinating me currently. I have never heard of putting pasta on top but the more that I stare at it, the more it makes sense. Why wouldn't you put pasta on pizza? I mean, 2 of my favorite things ever. It's like looking at peanut butter and chocolate and saying, "No, that would never work!" *left for the store to buy pizza dough ingredients*

  7. Thank you, Miss Cara. How ya feeling this AM. I just read your terrific blog(need to comment) Tofu will help (high in calcium)but sorry to hear about the rest :(
    Let me know how your pizza turns out. Is this your entry?

  8. Update the Nasoya people changed the heading of the PB frozen pie to veg. Ah the thanx I get;) an extra huge v neck tee unlike the pic. Good luck on the swag, Andrea.
    I promise you guys I'll have a great contest soon. I have one coming up in January (with an awesome all vegan company I've reviewed sometime back) I'll keep the contest open though.

  9. That was my entry! Oh, and I "like" VeganVille on FB. And I am subscribed :) ooooooohhh yeah!

  10. I'm a nudnick! Such a nudnick. Thank you. Now you just earned another entry, for a total of 4 entries.

  11. Enter me in the Cool Beans contest. I follow your blog, Signed up at the 'U'.

  12. You got it Carje. Thank you for playing and following my blog and signing up for Tofu U!

  13. I took the pledge! (I guess I was supposed to say this all in one comment? Sorry!) I also like Nasoya and Veganville on facebook now. :)

  14. Hahahaha. Thank you for all your entries and following my blog, Jenny!

  15. Another funny video! You crack me up! I'm following your blog. :)

  16. Awww. Thank you so much Cadry!!! Anxiously awaiting your next video.

  17. WHERE DID YOU GO??? I have been wondering about your where-abouts this past week and now I am getting worried!!!

  18. HEY CARA!!!! Thank you for stopping by and looking for me. You are such a sweetie. I have to catch up on yours and everybody's blogs and get working on mine. Been so swamped in Veganville. Today was first day off in three and a half weeks. Promise to pop by F&B. Hey look me up on FB GiGi A

  19. Was wondering where you went! Left over pizza sounds good. We used to do the same thing at our house. After the waffle maker it was left over waffle pizza. Everything on waffles for about a month until it broke. So sad...I left it on all day and it kind of fused shut.

  20. Hey Lilah JB I've missed your blog and awesome art too. Ha, waffle pizza. Was there anything in there when it fused shut? Very sad, very very sad. See that's why I've never used a wwaffle maker. The loss would just be too much.