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Thursday, December 22, 2011

And We Have A Nasoya Cool Beans Winner: Special Friday Footage

Peekaboo, Guess who's here. I finally got a moment to hobble out from Hell's kitchen. Just in time to announce the winner of the Nasoya Cool Beans Contest. Be quiet I know I'm late! You in the drunk reindeer feetie pajamas sipping vegan eggnog, hush, or you're disqualified. You don't need any more pajamas anyway.
Before we get to this humongous contest winner announcement I have a couple of confessions:

1. Sheesh! I KNOW I'M LATE! The winner was supposed to be announced- well here's the link where it says "Friday, December 14th".
2.There is no Friday December 14th! There has not been a Friday December 14th since (see below) the Cretes cured olives, and
 3. If you guessed there was one other Friday December 14th you would be right, it is a day I will be forever grateful for, the day George Washington Carver invented the PB Voopee Pie.
4. I can hear you saying, but how do you know these things, GiGi?  My answer to you is, I am a savant. Your second question is probably, but who won? My answer to you is, hold your pits.
Watch my amazing talent in this video below.

Because my savantism is limited I used a random generator to pick the winner. I had to use the random generator several times because Andrea's name came up as the winner every time. As much as I love Andrea and her blog, I forgot that she was disqualified. I decided to eliminate Andrea because she is one blogger who already has too much swag. Sorry no gym shorts for you, Andrea!
The winner of the Nasoya Cool Bean Giveaway is Rivka.  Rivka let me know what size tee-shirt you'd like. Nasoya probably doesn't have your size but it would be nice to know if I ever have another contest. FB me with your particulars. Congrats again and thank you for playing!!!! 

 Happy Friday everybody!


  1. *holding my pits* SHE'S ALIVE! phew. I was beginning to get worried that maybe Nasoya kidnapped you or something. I always had a weird feeling about Dec 14--now I understand why :)

  2. Hahaha. Cara my psychic friend. Trust those weird feelings. Nasoya did but they got their 50 cent ransom. It is nice to back. And see you!

  3. Well, actually, I don't have gym shorts. But that's OK. I don't want gym shorts. Congrats to Rivka!

  4. Are you sure you don't want the gym shorts, Andrea? Congrats to Rivka wherever she is.