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Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving 2012

Dear Everybody-

Veganville's Black Friday 4 Day Sale was spectacular, and had us working 12 hour days. Thank you to all the wonderful people who made purchases. A big shout out to my awesome readers who commented when I was MIA. Before we get down to business here I'd like to ask you a couple of quick but important questions. Most  importantly, do you all have my correct address so you can send me nice vegan gifts?
Just in case, you've misplaced my address here it is again:
                                               C/O the Pen Pal Program
                                               Cell Block 7
                                               Sorry I forgot my zip
Next question: Is it January yet? Did I miss Festivus or any fun ethnic holidays? You know I hate being late. I'd rather not do a recap of Thanksgiving in the first week of December like another blogger friend I know, ahem ahem Andrea. Instead I am going to be the first blogger in the world to post my recipe ideas for Thanksgiving 2012. I win! I win! Serve these roasted chickpeas to your Thanksgiving 2012 guests. Since they are roasted they might have a good shelf life.
I swiped this delicious roasted chickpea recipe from Michelle over at lovinlivivegan. Michelle testified, hence my new sentence. Sorry about the chipped plate, it is the best I could do in the can. P.S. these chickpeas are from a can.

This is the cashew-cuke dip on page 66 in Veganomicon, served with some toasted pita. Some of the stupid pita bread was moldy. I salvaged a couple of pieces and gifted the rest to my slumlord. I told him it was pesto. I made this recipe twice over the holiday and will make it twice over the Thanksgiving Holiday in 2012. Hit me up if you'd like the recipe. I'm in the pen pal program, you know.
You see this funky pie thing. Down there. This is my answer to the looming question about Thanksgiving. Why does everybody eat leftovers the day after Thanksgiving? Everybody loves leftovers so much, so why don't we all just eat leftovers on Thanksgiving Day. This is leftover pasta made into a pizza. Come to my house for leftovers on Thanksgiving 2012! I should be out by then. By the way I added Nasoya tofu to this delectable pie. The Nasoya people just sent out a tee shirt to me to tell you that I used their product. They sent along some coupons too. I'll be back in the next couple of days with a giveaway and your chance to win these same Nasoya goodies. Stay tuned. I'll bring you the recipe and brand new video too.

Leftover Pasta Pie For Thanksgiving 2012

These babies are the Molasses and Lemon Voopees for sale over at Veganville. I can't leave you without giving you a new coupon code. Get 20% off at Veganville with coupon code veganmeow.
Well I'm off to my "write and go free" class. Boy I miss sharp pencils! Happy Thanksgiving 2012 everybody.

Your pal, GiGi


  1. lol, love this post! Leftovers for Thanksgiving sounds great to me. It cuts down on so much work! That pizza is fantastic. You need to submit it to this site!


  2. That pizza looks great! Hopefully the other "cons" won't try to shiv you for it :).

  3. Thanx Molly. And thanx for the tip. I'll chek those F*ers out.

    Hey Stacy thanx, I'm laying low.

  4. So, is your current abode where you met Martha? It's really nice of the staff to let you operate a business from your cell, and eat whatever you want.

  5. Well Miss Tardypants, it just so happens that I knew Martha before hand, and then well we wound up in the same pen and penpal class. Yes.I've gotten certain priveledges it's true. But that's between you and me. Please write.

  6. The pasta pie and cookies, and dip, it ALLLLLLL looks amazing!

  7. Hey Thanx for stopping by getskinny!