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Saturday, October 1, 2011

MoFo Morning 1 Pie Jolt

MoFo Morning

MoFo Morning Espresso Yourself Pie
If you eat this for breakfast, you must eat broccoli for lunch. Below see components sans soy yogurt and cocoa powder I decided to add while processing.

The above espresso is better as a food ingredient, because really who wants to drink instant any kind of instant coffee.
First let's make the crust. If you are new to my blog , let me give you a quick recap of the last few weeks. My crazy man and I have been on the Rip Esselstyn Engine 2 Plan. Since we run a vegan baking company this has been a wee bit of a challenge. Plus Rip himself has not been very supportive, (he has deleted my last post from his site), even though I wanted to do an Engine 2 giveaway. More about that later. Here is the crust I ripped out of Rip's book.
Riffin on Rip Crust
1 C dates
2/3 C walnuts
1/3 C raw cashews
1 tsp non-alcoholic vanilla

Mix all the above ingredients together in a food processor until it's kind of sticky, because you are going to pour it into a pie plate. Press the crust evenly onto the bottom and about 1/2 inch up the sides of pie plate.

Caffeine Mousse
1 package silken tofu
2 T instant espresso
2 T cocoa
1.5 T vanilla soy yogurt
1/3 C agave

Raspberry Topping
As many raspberries as you want (washed)
1T raspberry jam
1T water

Sprinkling of cacao nibs

Blend all the Caffeine ingredients together so that they will go down smooth and give you a good buzz. Fill pie crust.
Add raspberries in concentric circles or just plop them on, who can see in the dark anyway. In separate cup mix water and raspberry jam to make a quickie glaze and paint on the plopped on raspberries.

Sprinkle with cacao nibs for an extra jolt. You might want to make this pie the night before so it sets in the frig over night. Remember to set your alarm for MoFo 2!


  1. Great MoFo morning post! The pie looks yum.

    5:20 am is too early dude! As far as I'm concerned, anytime before 9:30 am is too early for anything!!

    But if you need me up, then in my case it's "compassion's really better after chocolate". :P

    Hope we get to hear more of your sexy morning voice through Vegan MoFo Month, Gi. :D

  2. Do you advise eating this in a large mug or would a plate suffice? Can't wait for day 2!

  3. Thanx for coming by my blog this early in the morning, Andrea. I would advise a great big mug.

  4. yummmmmmmmers! liked the video!

  5. Hey, Thanx Molly. Want some?

  6. Wow, does that good!

  7. Thank you, Buddy. It's even better if I patient enough to let it refrigerate ;)

  8. LOL I just realized I posted my comment which had disappeared but which seems to have appeared here on top again under another post. It looks like someone desperately needs that express yourself (in the right place) pie!!

  9. Hahaha. You again. I found you in the spam folder. I din't know I had a spam folder. Thank you for the comments!!! Now it looks as if I have alot of comments :)

  10. lovely pie!.. i dont think i can let it sit in the fridge for too long.. i will keep waking up in the night to check on it!:D

    Richa @

  11. I am very interested in why he deleted a comment. Should I grab my popcorn now? Haha. Looks great.

  12. Haha, Mo.Yes, please let's sit down over popcorn and I'll tell you all about that Rip. Thank you reading, Mo.