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Sunday, October 2, 2011

MoFo Day 2 Wedding Anniversary and a Theme Within a Theme Within a Theme

Guess what? Today is me and Psycho Boy's 21st wedding anniversary. We got married kind of young. We both were ten years old, but we had fake proof. Isn't it funny how our wedding anniversary coincided with World Veg Day? Today we are going to World Veg Day and then having dinner at Gracias Madre. Gracias Madre is the Mexican food sister to Cafe Gratitude, the vegan raw joint where every meal starts with an affirmation.
I would like the "I am phenomenal" almond shake please.
Then the wait person, repeats back to you., "Yes, you are phenomenal". Then you say, "you are phenomenal."  No, you are. And they say, well you get the picture, because "You are phenomenal!".

Here's something else about affirmations I really should tell you about. Never repeat an affirmation in the negative. For instance, do not say,"I do not suck as a food blogger". Instead say,"I am the queen of food blogging". Even though you may not  think that. If the universe hears you say, "I am the queen of food blogging" enough, you might begin to think that you rule the food world and one day you might even become infant Jesus' personal chef. Ever notice how Chef jackets and straight jackets look remarkably alike?

You might be thinking....Where's the food on this freaking blog today, GiGi? Well. Seems like some photo genius whiz blogger just posted about "Gracias Madre", the very restaurant I was going to take some less than average pictures of. Check these crazy ass pictures out. OMG. They are featured over at the drool worthy Vegan Culinary Crusade blog.
I suck! Whoops I mean I am the queen photographer of below average pictures .Maybe I'll take a photo essay of me jumping off the Bay Bridge today.

Here's the other thing. Yesterday while reading all 850 MoFo blogs I saw that most of the  smarty boots bloggers have come up with themes for MoFo. I might not be the sharpest measuring spoon in the drawer but I thought MoFo was the theme. I think that these bloggers' themes are themes within a theme. Ohhhhh. I get it. I think.  So if we can drive past the Bay Bridge safely today, here are a few themes I will include in the month of Vegan Food.

GiGi's Theme within a Theme

Martha's Peas

1. Veganizing Martha- I will veganize some of Martha's recipes from her pre-jail bait days, (pre 2005). I will also include a few recipes Martha came up with while she was in the can. Who can forget how Martha made eyeliner out of peas for the other pen gals?
1.a. Peas might also make a good theme.
Martha walking towards the yard to pick some veggies.

Inmate with green pea eyeliner, Martha whipped up in the pen.

2. Ripping off Rip- You know Rip Esselstyn the writer of the Best selling, "Engine 2 Diet"? His diet is more of a plan, plant based of course. It includes, no sugar, no white flour, no oil. Today is day 21 for us on the plan. Shorthand for this plan is E2, but since I will be ripping off most of Rip's recipes, let's call this the G2 plan.

Fireman Rip and his fruits.
for MoFo Blog

3. And back by unpopular demand, I will include more Video footage of inanimate objects. Happy Mofo Day 2. And Happy Anniversary, Baby!


  1. Hey Gigi, Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Veganville!!! :) Got married at 10, eh? heheh

    I'm one of the undisciplined, no-theme mofoers. Keep 'em (and myself) surprised always. :D

  2. Thank you, Veganosaurus! Hahaha. I like the surprise aspect, my self, but I was feeling less than.

  3. Well, this is the first I am hearing of Vegan MoFo. What do I do post more recipes? I think Martha is great! I hadn't heard of the eyeliner but I had heard something about salads made from things she found outside.Okay I see a vegan month of food link I'll go look at it now...I think veganize Martha is a great idea!Happy Anniversary!

  4. Hi Lilah! The deadline to sign up for MoFo has passed so your blog won't be included in the blogroll. You can participate anyway, with a blog a day or as many as you want a week about food! I'll read ya!
    Thank you. Thank you much. And you can still check out the other blogs at the Mofo blogroll too.

  5. Thanks, I went and looked at it.

  6. Happy Anniversary GiGi. I got married at 10 also, but have been married a lot longer than you so am probably older than you are, though not necessarily wiser. You knew all about the affirmations, for example, and I didn't. I am organized. I have lots of ideas for vegan mofo. I will be able to post every weekday for the whole month. Whew. I'm glad that worked.

  7. You are too funny - I hope you enjoyed Gracias Madre. My sister and I had an incredible lunch there in July (and I loved the whole food-affirming-me thing at Cafe Gratitude - I was fortified and effervescent :) )

  8. Thank you, Mo.
    Andrea,thank you. Yes there are a few of us around who mangaed to get married at that age. I really like that you think I am wiser.
    Hi Natalie! Thanx for reading and being effervescent. We had a fabulous meal adn I've decided to post in my blog for Oct. 3.

  9. Man, I commented on this post like 3 times but for some reason my computer never allowed me to post it! I think it is some form of conspiracy... here is what I said:
    #1: You are too hilarious for your own good!
    #2: Your husband's name is psycho boy? I MUST hear this story...
    #3: Happy anniversary!
    #4: I'd go with Martha MoFo all the way! AND prison time too because we all know she was still crying chocolate-covered tears dipped in edible glitter :)
    Love your humor!
    xo, Cara

  10. Aww thank you so much Cara! I think the conspiracy stops once you add yourself as a Veganville follower (then the conspiracy stops and becomes more of a cult)
    Hahaha. Yes you ar one of the few who remember Martha's edible glitter tears before they got hardened in prison.Throughly enjoying your blog as well :)
    Yes, crazy boy, psycho be continued!

  11. Oooooohhh I love me some cults! Sign me up :) Cannot wait to hear the stories de GiGi...