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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Veganville Shoutout on Veg News and The Lovely Blog Award Goes to...

We interrupt this blog for a bit of shameless self promotion. Whoopee! I mean Voopee!! And yippeekayay. Look what Veg news said about Veganville and my friend, Vanessa over at Desiderio Chocolates. I often send Desiderio chocolates as gifts. Everybody raves about them.
For more great vegan sellers and to see the full article, click on the link.
From caramels and cookies to spicy lollipops, Etsy sellers are satisfying vegans with super tasty treats.

Sometimes, you just want to nosh on something homemade, a sweet treat crafted with care. But likely, you’re too busy with all of life’s responsibilities to whip up Grandma’s chocolate cookie recipe, and she lives too far away to come to the rescue. Alas, homemade superstars of Etsy enter the scene; with the site’s passionate, dedicated community of sellers baking creative treats in their kitchens every day, your craving for all things homemade and veg will soon be satiated by a trip to your mailbox.


Seller, DesiderioChocolates takes her marshmallows to the next level with the “gourmellow”—half marshmallow, half chocolate ganache truffle, and wholly mind-blowing, not to mention the entire creation comes dipped in rich, dark chocolate.Combining the ease of store-bought with the unrivaled flavors and textures of homemade, Etsy cookies offer the best of both worlds. You’ll be considered officially insane if you can resist ordering a box of vegan “voopie” pies from Veganville. Six perfect pies in flavors like pumpkin, peanut butter cup, and java, delivered right to your doorstep? They’ll literally have you saying “whoopee!” as you ravenously tear the tape off the box and dig into these cream-filled treats.

Thanks for the shout out Veg News!

See it says right there in the Veg News shout out that you'll be certifiable if you don't buy Veganville "voopees"!
Allergy alert:
Remember they are made in a kitchen by nuts!

Check this out too. This happened in the very same "New Moon" week. I just happened to check on my friend Lilah over at  Vegan Food, Art and Music... and saw that she had won the "loveliest blogger award". Yay and congrats to you Lilah. I glanced down the page and realized the award was bestowed upon me too! Oh wait, there must be a mistake. It's the loveliest blog, not blogger. I gratefully accept this award now. Thank you, Lilah.

The loveliest blog award originated in Germany. The purpose is to share blogs that you admire with other people. People who receive the award can then pass it on to 5 more bloggers who have less then 200 followers. You are not obligated to pass it on. Wait a minute... Should I be happy that I qualify with less than 200 followers? Please sign up to follow me, Mommy!

Here are some blogs I'm digging lately:
I've been a reader of Exploits of a Vegan Wannabe since it's conception. Sherry and Sandy co-conspirators at EVW began their blog when they decided to become vegans close to two years ago. They continue to create tasty food and always take on new challenges. They are working on a cooking show, started running and racing, and have adhered to the Engine 2 Diet. (The very plan that crazy boy and I are on). They're Engine 2 recipes are equally as inspiring as they are. Thanks girls. Keep up the great work! See you at MoFo.

I found this nifty blog last MoFo.
Choose Your Own Food Chain is a blog after my own heart. It's insightful, clever and with posts like Bare bones Vegan Cheap and Easy (Just How You Like It), and Death Row Mac 'n Cheese, funny. Throw in some great recipes and a shot of activism and I'm a happy reader! CYOFC will be at MoFo again this year too. 

From the faraway land of India we bring you Veganosaurus, (rants and raves of a new age chick). Penned by the multi-talented jewelry designer, cook and baker, and miniature monster maker, Susmitha this blog is beautifully written with gorgeous photos of Indian food, (one of my favorite foods). It's earthy, spiritual and inspiring. Veganosaurus is excited to participate in MoFo for her first time!

xCarlyx is the blogger behind, (I love the name of her blog), A Profound Hatred of Meat. xCarlyx is a professional cook and still finds the time to cook at home and post extraordinary dishes everyday. I mean everyday! Yep, with dishes that include creole coconut tofu and grits with seasoned snap peas, and banana tartine, *Carly* is some kind of wizard.

Last but not least is The Snarky Chickpea. How can you resist a blog with that title? Snarky's subtitle is "an amateur dishes up delicious recipes and junk like that". The blog is conversational, the pics and recipes rock and Snarky is a kick.

Happy reading and cooking everybody! Countdown to MoFo!


  1. Hi GiGi, Congratulations for the shout out in VegNews, that is very exciting, awesome, cool, nutty, wicked and more. Thank you for sharing about the Exploits blog, Sherry and I are lovely bloggers, or, um, er, uh, have a lovely blog. Here's to some E2 success to you and yours. Go Vegan MoFo. Sandy & Sherry

  2. Haha, Miss Anonymous. You are uhm 2 lovelies. Thank you for the good and awesome and wicked wishes.

    Thank you VeggieAmanda. Will you be participating in MoFo this year?

  3. Congratulations on the VegNews adoration. I made you the write in candidate for their VegNews awards for fave online bakery. The win is yours. Thank you so very much for the Loveliest Blogger Award. I graciously and humbly accept. You are wonderful.

  4. Tee hee, Sherry. Thank you for writing me in. You are indeed lovely ;)

  5. Congratulations on the VegNews shoutout!! You rock so hardcore!
    Thank you kindly for mentioning my blog! I'm so stoked that you enjoy it.
    Meg @ The Snarky Chickpea

  6. Guess the comment got lost in the commentstack then, eh?

    Ok there are only so many times I'll be praising your sexy morning voice, Gi. Namely... twice! So this comment better behave itself and stay put. Here goes... Gigi, I hope we get to hear your sexy morning voice all throughout Vegan MoFo. :)

    That coffee pie looks super yummilicious, by the way!!