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Friday, October 7, 2011

Mofo 6 A Happier Burger Would Make a Smarter Clown

Please play important video before proceeding to the rest of this blog and lovely recipe. Thank you signed, GiGi's attorney.
Entrepreneur, Celebrity and Spokesman Ronald McDonald, aka Ronald McCruelty, Hospitalized After Nearly Being Hit in Crosswalk

Ronald and his lawyers

Hospital Officials say that R. McDonald’s near death experience occurred just after 3 PM in a crosswalk just outside the famed burger joint. He was in shock but hospitalized from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar and fallen arches. R. McDonald’s release is slated for next week some time. Since McDonald was not hit straight on, police are no longer looking for the vehicle which swerved out of his way but ran over Mickey Dee’s happy meal. McDonald’s lawyers are not happy about this.

A Happier Burger with 1000 Island with a Punch
6 Portabellos with caps twisted off and cleaned with a damp towel (never run mushrooms under water) Marinate the twisted off caps too.
1/2 C olive oil
1/4 C  balsamic vinegar

1 tsp sea salt
Kaiser rolls
Fave vegan slaw or lettuce and tomatoes
Preheat oven at 450 degrees. W
hisk together olive oil, balsamic and sea salt. Marinate portabellos for about 1/2 hour, unless you are in a super hurry.

Bake 20 min one side; 15 min the other.

1000 Island with a Punch
1/2 Vegenaise
1/4 C your favorite vegan BBQ sauce
1 pickle (my favorite are Bubbies) chopped
shot of Tabasco

Mix ingredients together, slather on kaiser roll, add portabellos and your favorite toppings. I'm partial to slaw. What toppings would make you happy?

Now that's a Happy Meal :)


  1. Stupid clown! Hope the near death experience taught him about karma and good eating habits.

    That burger looks yum!! I like potato cutlets/tofu/avocados in my burgers.

  2. Love portobella burgers!

    will have to try the sauce.

  3. I know. haha. Stupid stupid stupid. Yeah, I agree Veganosaurus, but I don't think this clown is teachable.
    Sauce is great, Heather.

  4. HA! The clown probably has vision problems, too, or he wouldn't walked right in front of the car. Too much beef fat in his eyeballs, maybe. But really, be more careful when you drive. You could hurt some clown. Coleslaw and avocado on the burgers. Maybe tomato and lettuce, too. And shredded raw beets like they do in Australia.

  5. Thank you Andrea. Ewwwww, yes I seem to remember that terible malady called beef fat eyeball. Hahaha.Taking special safety precautions especially out side of fast food joints. I love your choices, shredded beets yum!