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Thursday, October 20, 2011

MoFo 20 Another Quake but No Cake

I didn't feel the first earthquake today. Me and crazy boy were on a walk when a jeweler came out of his store and told us there was a jolt. We weren't home 20 minutes from dinner out at Herbivore in Berkeley when our building shook like a roller coaster. We both had shwarma wraps and salads at Herbivore. I had seitan. Larry had the un-chicken. The wraps were good, nothing we couldn't duplicate at home, but what if it was a real earthquake? What if that seitan shwarma wrap was my last vegan supper this time around? I'd be pissed. It's pretty sad that some people can only down jello before they go. I know jello isn't vegan, but really who wants even the jello vegan stand-in  kanten or agar agar as their last meal. Sure kanten can be pretty  and colorful but a last meal it does not make!

Time Magazine did a photo essay a while back, where famous chefs gave a brief description of what they would like their last meal to be. They were photographed with part of the meal the meal they would choose. I was appalled to see how gamey and cruel their favorite meals were. One chef was pictured with a rifle. One was pictured with a pig. Incredibly sad. 

There is an entire website dedicated to death row inmates' last meals. Vending machine sodas, and corn chips are often included in their requests. One inmate requested two pints of mint chocolate chip ice cream. I didn't expect any of these inmates to be vegans, but I didn't expect the chefs to be so non chalant about their choices either.

What would I choose when there are so many kind choices?  I know! I'd like the- hell I'd like the  vegan Caesar salad to start, please. Hell, Caesar. Gee, I hope this meal never ends ;) Hmmm. I'll have to think about the rest of this last meal. This is definitely food for thought.

Isn't this just the perfect icebreaker for your next Halloween party? What would you choose for your last meal?


  1. I heard about the earthquake--a mere 3.9 right? That's childsplay :) Isn't it funny how judgmental us Californians are in terms of quake size? Or is that just me? I hate them regardless. YUCK. But what isn't yuck is the looks of that salad. YUM!

  2. Are you still in CA? No no likey either. Thank you,Cara. I am quite fond of this salad.

  3. My son lives in SF and he called to tell me about the quake. He said his office building did a shimmy. It was his first quake and he found it terrifying. Poor baby. I should ask him if he visualized his last meal — if he did, I can assure you it didn't include pigs or other living creatures. It probably involved home-brewed beer.

  4. i only felt the first quake, not the second. i was bouncing around in my workout class during the second one.

    as for the last meal, not sure. probably something my mom makes :)

  5. It sure did a shimmy, Andrea. Awww.What floor is he on? You taught him well. No pigs or living creatures Amen. hahaha. to the home brew.

    ij Your class was creating it's own earthquake.
    Awww. your mom would be proud.

  6. You're in my brain! I was just thinking this the other day! What would I have? Well... the gingerbread cake is up there, and pumpkin soup, and lasagne, and oh gosh the food list is too long! How can people think a pig is food? It's an animal. I don't understand people. I truly don't. The only cheek I will be eating is the cheek of a mango!

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  8. I'm in your brain, like Pink Floyd...lunatic in your brain haha. Yes, the cake, the cake the gingerbread cake!!!
    I don't get how people can eat animals ever.