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Saturday, October 22, 2011

MoFo Day 23 Is My Visitor Fried or Baked?

The last time I made a polenta dish Martha S. that's right "S"as in Stewart came over to "help". I thought about giving her another chance tonight, yeah for like 2 seconds I thought about it. Do you remember how Martha left me to do all the heavy prep work while she disappeared into my bathroom? I can always tell when a guest has been snooping in my medicine cabinet, (ahem ahem), Martha.
Without further ado. Tonight's recipe..
Ding dong
Excuse me, reader. I'll bring you this kick ass recipe in a minute.

GiGi: Who is it?
Voice: Trick or Treat.
GiGi: You're early. I'm not opening the door.
Voice. Trick or Treat. Smell my sheet. It's been air dried in lavender.
GiGi: Oh no is that you Martha? What did you come dressed as... dental floss? (see earlier post where Martha suggests cutting polenta with dental floss)
(GiGi looks through peep hole)
Martha: Very funny,GiGi. I brought you something.
GiGi: Martha you know I don't drink. Oh. Just hand it under the door.
Martha: That's not very hospitable. What are you making?
GiGi: Um. Vegan Parmesan Polenta Fries with dipping sauce. Colorful Salad. And..
Martha: Polenta Fries?
GiGi: Yes. Now go away.
Martha: That's my recipe.
GiGi: No it's not.
Martha: Yes it is.
GiGI: Is not.
Martha: Is too.
GiGi: Is not.
Martha: Too.
GiGi: Not.
Martha: What? No dessert.
GiGi: There is dessert. But I'm going to post that tomorrow. You took up too much time.
Martha: Did not.
GiGi: Did too.
Martha: Not .
GiGi: I can't stand at this peep hole any longer.
Martha: Well. If you feel that way, GiGi.
GiGi: I do.
Martha: Oh.
GiGi: Bye.
Martha: Bye.

Sorry everybody.

Baked Polenta Fries My Way

1 tube (18 ounces) plain prepared polenta

canola oil spray
2-3 T nooch
2 tsp dried oregano
sea salt to tasteDirections

1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Line a baking pan with parchment paper and spray with canola oil. Unwrap and cut tube of polenta in half crosswise, (no need to use dental floss). Then cut each half lengthwise into 8 wedges.

2. Place polenta wedges on baking sheet; season with salt and pepper, and turn gently and spray again to coat with oil. Arrange wedges in a single layer. Sprinkle with nooch, sea salt and oregano.

3.Bake, turning once with a thin metal spatula, until golden and crisp, about 55 minutes. Serve with marinara or dressing or dipping sauce and salad.
Salad with fresh beets from my friend Mo's sis' garden

Hey Remember those Mozz Stix from Days of Yore... These taste surprisingly similar, but with no fat, no fried and cruelty free. I'll be back tomorrow with some dessert. Martha will be happy. Thanx for stopping by.


  1. Well, now, those look delicious. They really do. I'm a big fan of polenta, and just discovered you can make a small bowl of it in the microwave in about 5 minutes. I had no idea.

  2. Thank you Pennie! Hugs back.

    Andrea- Thank you. If you are a fan of polenta- you will surely love these. Quick!

  3. Martha looks pretty good with black hair but me thinks those polenta fries would look my belly :)YUM, GiGi!

  4. Yum! Those polenta fries look so good. Enough looking at all of this delicious food, I think it's time to go downstairs and get something to eat!

  5. I know she does, Cara. I like goth Martha much better. Thanx, Cara.

    Thanx BBA! I hope you're feeling better.

  6. I agree! Martha does look good with dark hair. I didn't even realize it was her at first! I HEART polenta! I have memories of my grandma making it when I was a child. I'll have to try these. The addition of nooch has my mouth watering!

  7. Ha, I know, I know. Oooh, how did your grandma make it? Nooch makes it. Thank you!

  8. I wouldn't know martha stewart looked like if I fell over her but I am love crunchy polenta sticks and love your extra flavours

  9. Whatever you do, don't fall over Martha. She won't take kindly to that. Thanx Johanna!!

  10. I'm just trying to picture her dressed as dental floss. ROFL

    You're just too funny Gi!!

  11. Hahahaha Veganosaurus. Nice to see you here! Thank you.