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Thursday, October 20, 2011

MoFo 19 Masquerade Balls

My friend Molly just asked if I had a sizeometer on my blog. All food blogs should have sizeometers. Don't you think? I like to calibrate things. I'd really love to know how many pounds of almond butter, and dates I've downed since I've started MoFo. I'm a raw foodist trapped in a cooked vegan's body. The dehydrating trips me up though.  I don't own a dehydrator. Why? I don't want everything I make to look like prunes.
 In addition to salads and raw veggies, I make balls. I make balls in my food processor. Add any kind of nuts with some dates and some agave to your food processor, process to a paste. Spatula out. Scoop up the paste and roll  and you got your self some balls. I'm eating so much of these cylindrical beasts that I'm turning into a nut ball. Now after the sizeometer is finished measuring the almond butter and dates, it will be the sizeometer's job to measure the balls.  
Molly just texted me to tell me that a sizeometer is really a blog feature that basically counts the number of people who read your blog and then a sizograph tells you where they are from. It is the same thing as the "stats" feature on blogger. I just checked my stats. Yay.
Big shout out to my one reader Solveig, in Antarctica.

You can find the recipe here, I switched up the brown sugar for a bit of agave, and added more dates, I think you could probably cut the brown sugar completely and keep the original date amount and it would work just fine...but that's up to you Solveig :)


  1. LOL - I don't comment here often(ever) but you crack me up - hilarious. Enjoy your balls!

  2. I don't own a dehydrator either! I have been thinking about one though. I do love a good date ball!

  3. Hi Emmy- thank you so much. Nice to see you :)
    Hahaha panda with cookie :)
    Vegge Amanda- ha! Let me know if you get one. I think I would overwork it making batches and batches of cheezy kale chips.

  4. hey geeegeeee - is that link to the recipe your Engine2 balls you served last week?? I don't remember any carrots!

  5. Hey Molly. You are now famous. Now you will really need toastmasters.
    No these are not the E2 Balls. You are right-those had no carrots and no raisins. How was your bike ride after them?

  6. Hi GiGi, Solveig here. I teared up with joy to see my name up here on the Veganville blog. Such an honor!!!

  7. LMAO Solveig it is truly an honor to be your friend.

  8. Those are nice looking balls. Everyone should have a freezer full of balls for snacking. Much more interesting than plain dates or blobs of almond butter, though those are nice, too.

  9. hahahaha, thank you, I appreciate that Andrea. I might even purchase a separate freezer for said balls. Tis the season, you know.