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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

MoFo 18 Different Bloats for Different Folks

You know that little avatar picture of me? That's right. The blogger picture... the one where I'm wearing an apron. The one that looks like I'm a reflection in a fun house mirror? My mommy hates that picture. I tell her if she didn't take all those wonky valley of the doll vitamins when I was a mere seedling maybe I wouldn't look that way. "Not funny Gi!" she says, which takes me back to the picture. It looks like I'm not feeling that great in that picture. How are all the Mofo bloggers feeling anyway? Digestion tract wise? There's a lot of sugar going on in blogger land for sure. Lots of Halloween candy. Lots of cakes, lots of bean things, tacos, stews, not to mention raw foods and cruciferous casseroles. There was no late night post from me last night because I had soup bloat. I will post two times today.

Important info for new vegans. Beano is not, I repeat (get it hahaha-repeat/never mind), NOT vegan! It is made from fish gelatin. Ugh.

For those situations where you need a little extra digestive help, try Bean-zyme, which is a vegan form of Beano. The cartoon below has nothing to do with bloat, it's a happy vegan cartoon. Here's to a happy digestive tract today. So how you feeling bloggers? And did anyone cut you out of their will today?

PS I love you, Mommy!
PSS thanx crazy boy for the awesome title


  1. glad you're lighter on your feet today, gigi!

  2. Yes, do tell crazy boy that I approve this message (and title!) I'm sugar bloated most definitely. It's been a long time since I have eaten candy like this and I don't like the way my body feels so it looks like I will be purchasing Bean-zyme now. Thanks for the tip! This toot's for you, GiGi :) hehe

  3. Hahaha, Kittee. Thank you.

    Cara, I just told him. He laughed. You are welcome for the tip. Thanx for the toot, toots!

    PS Crazy coincidence. Crazy Boy's birthday is the same day is Kittee's. Thought I'd say that here and now.

  4. I've been feeling great! I like your avatar! :-) I nominated you for a Liebster award on my blog I heart your humor and fun everyday!

  5. Chinese take-out bloat for sure. Worth it, though. Or maybe it's gluten-free cupcake bloat. Who knows, there's so many kinds, as you noted.

  6. You go Veggie Amanda. I am honored I love the liebster award!! Thank you so much. I am enjoying your posts as well.

    Chinese sodium bloat. Oh yeah I had gluten free cake bloat too. Now I have PB ice creme bloat.

    So may wonderful ways to bloat.

  7. love your posts.. :) yeah i dont like that bloat too.. binging on mom's food bloat.. and chinese bloat for sure.. a brisk walk and some carom or fennel seeds( just chew and eat them, indian digestion secrets) work or me!

    Richa @Hobby And More Food Blog

  8. Thanx Richa! I love fennel seeds. Enjoying your posts as well. Please add yourself as a follower :)

  9. Kombucha helps with easing the bloat away! I have had wheat bloat, and potato bloat.. I know bloat well! I learned from a raw vegan blogger to eat something raw, like a carrot or some apple slices before eating cooked meals--this keeps some of the digestive enzymes from the raw fruit in your tummy which helps digest the cooked stuffs faster/easier--far less bloat these days!