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Monday, October 17, 2011

MoFo 17 Is This Soup Godot or To Stay?

I've been bedridden for almost two days. I was courageous enough to scuff to the kitchen and make that ice cream and ugly cake I told you about. Crazy boy is making me vegan chicken noodle soup. It must be Godot soup or some existentialist plot. I am very grateful that Psycho boy has taken it upon himself to make this cure all, but this is killing me. First he didn't have enough broth, so he had to run out to his 4th store to get it. He announces each action, like, "now I'm cutting the carrots into semi-circles." He ends each statement with a question, like, now I'm caramelizing the onion, okay? Okay. Okay already. He has just announced "I bet the longer this sits, the better it tastes". How about the longer I sit the longer I fast? OMG this has now evolved into the War and Peace of soups. Never mind Austria, I might have to find Napoleon to invade the kitchen. Now Psycho Boy wants me to look at the soup while he's oohing and aahing, " look how the rice pasta thickens it, ooh we might need some Himalaya salt, ah how 'bout some nooch?" Yay. It's Ready. And I'm feeling better and I'm not in a holding cell! Let me tell you, this soup was well worth the wait...just like my crazy boy, well worth the wait!

Is This Soup Godot or To Stay? Larry's Soup that He Learned From Me only Slow Cooked

3 boxes of 16oz. vegan broth
1/2 onion cut in semi circles according to PB
2 C carrots- Larry likes semi circles
3 stalks celery for taste not chopped (GiGi has an aversion to cooked celery)
5 cloves of garlic minced
2 boxes of TJ Chick-Un Strips- chunked
1/2 box of rice spaghetti
about 3 C spinach
sea salt
21 salute
nooch to taste
canola spray

Spray heavy bottomed pan with canola spray (or use 2 T canola oil and heat pan) add onion, carrots and saute beyond translucent but not quite caramelized. Add garlic (might have to spray more at this point). Add Chick-Un Strips and cook for a couple of more minutes. Add broth. Season to taste. Bring to a boil and add pasta and cook according to package directions. Add spinach during last minute of cooking time. This all in all should be a rather quick soup to make. I feel better already.

Chick-un Noodle Soup


  1. My teenager is home sick. Can your husband send some of that soup our way?

    Get well soon, Gigi.

  2. HAHA!!! This made me laugh--what a sweetheart to not only make this for you but to announce every move. Hilarious! You are a lucky lady. Hopefully you are feeling much better today. xoxo

  3. Heather-When hubby is good, he is very very good and super sweet ;)
    BBA- Hope your teenager gets well soon! I'm sending you virtual soup. I'm feeling so much better, thank you!
    Cara-Hahaha. I know. I feel very blessed, seriously. He's awesome. Crazy and awesome! I'm feeling so much better, thank you so much.
    Hugs everybody!!!

  4. Your post cracked me up! The soup sounds delicious, but sorry you had to wait! My husband is the same way when he cooks by himself. We usually cook together or at least end up that way. He will ask so many questions that I get mad and just come and help him. I hope you feel better soon!

  5. That looks like a soup that will cure whatever ails ya. Eat up, and feel better soon!

  6. Ha. Thanx Amanda! It was delicious with alot left over. I knew someone would identify with that :)
    Andrea. I think I was better jut taking in the aroma.
    Thank you for the well wishes everybody.
    I hardly ever get sick except for my allergies. I can't imagine how sick I would have been with out a plant based diet and healthy diet.

  7. PS I think my body was telling me to rest.