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Sunday, October 16, 2011

MoFo 16 Welcome to Parfait World

I think I just ate my weight in agave sweetened gluten free cake. If it sounds less than appetizing it wasn't, but it is a pretty ugly cake. I hate to talk behind my cake's back but it's not a cake you'd want to escort to a party where there's a beautiful spread. It's better to eat it under the covers with the lights off. And you won't have to answer to anyone. Or you could try the botox of the cake world...usually it's frosting but yours truly is still off the sugar. This works on dense cakes. Grab the cookie cutter of your choice and and stamp out a shape of cake. Like I just did, now ugly cake is a star in her own right.

Guess what, guess what guess what?? No, silly. We got the ice cream maker to make ice cream. Psycho boy defrosted the freezer and turned it up as far as it would go and yay my first attempt worked, but I would definitely tweak it. PBoy ate all of it. Well I had a little. I used vanilla soy creamer, coconut milk, vanilla flavoring and agave. I realized I'm not such a fan of soy creamer, but I'm stoked that I got the consistency right. It was spoonable. Check out my parfait world. I included strawberry Rice Dream ice cream which happens to be one of my faves. Just in case you don't have an ice cream maker, right yet. Right yet? Must be my Southern evil twin who just wrote that. Right yet?

Feel like indulging in a parfait? Scroll down my recipes to desserts and I'm sure you'll find one that will make your taste buds happy. See the example of "Just Peachy" parfait.


  1. Ooooh yummy!! I want parfait now!!

  2. I want the parfait and the gluten free cake. I'll be waiting for it in the mail. :-)

  3. Ohmygoodness, that parfait looks so good GiGi! I want to come over for homemade ice cream now too!

  4. Thanx for reading everybody. Think I could ship you some ice cream? Or better yet how 'bout you all come over! My house is always open for good friends and good food.

    Amanda- I still owe you the gluten free pie recipe.