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Saturday, October 15, 2011

MoFo Day 15 A Blast From MoFo Past And Week In Review

Two days ago I posted a video that looked good before I posted it. On further inspection, I realized that the video is quite dark, which probably left you in the dark. Last night I had ten of my besties over for a dessert night. There is one veggie and one vegan amongst them. Of course I wish all of my friends were vegan for many reasons. We vegans love to take pictures of food but since I was busy trying to force the new ice cream maker to work, nobody thought to take pics of all the desserts I had slaved over. My friend Darcy whipped out her iPhone, but I don't know where she is right now and I must write this blog.

Mofo week in Compendium:
1. One blurry video of GiGi.
2. One crazy blog that I rapped on because Kittee the Cake maker to the Stars told me to.
3. Cream Cheez Cherry Brownies with no pics.
4. Date Nut Chocolate Nib Balls no pics just hearsay.
5. A demented ice cream maker that makes milk shakes.
6. I realize I should have hired a photographer instead of buying an ice cream maker.

Where Am I Going This Week?
1. Crystal clear videos
2. No more other blogger challenges for me! I walk to the beat of my own dumber.
3. I will track down Darcy and for next week's girls night, I will insist that everybody brings a camera or they will be refused entrance.
4. More date nut balls, raw food, another Martha experience, vegan chicken stuff. I think.
5. Freaking ice cream. I will get this to work, this cannot be the baine marie of my existence.
6. GiGi will have new strong non-mealy mouth boundaries. Nobody eats until everything is plated and shot!
7. I will be well rested.

Since we have experienced technical difficulties this week, here is a blast from last year's MoFo past.
Follow this linky dink for everything you ever wanted to know about Paella.
I bid you a good night.

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