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Monday, October 3, 2011

I Really Expected a Blender...MoFo Day 3

As you well know, since you follow my meanderings closely, yesterday was mine and Crazy Boy's 21st wedding anniversary. Now, I'm not the type of girl who peeks through wrapping or looks under beds for hidden presents, so of course I didn't sneak around looking for my anniversary present from you know who. I mean we've had over 21 years of giving gifts to each other, so who cares any more about gifts? Right? Wrong!

I mean I thought CB was so supportive of my doing MoFo again this year. I mean, Laaaaaaary, (aka Crazy Boy), don't you remember that our blender bit the dust a while ago? And remember we were going to make us some awesome coconut based ice cream with a brand new shiny ass ice cream maker? I mean you do want to try this whole marriage thing out for at least up until next year right?

Oh man. The box looked so promising too, with it's artfully wrapped purple recycled paper. I just knew the box looked a little small for a blender, and unless there are ice cream makers made especially for ants, I knew it wasn't an ice cream maker in this box. It's not that I'm ungrateful. But...

Shoes!? Shoes!? Okay they are very cute shoes, honey. Really cute shoes and thoughtful, honey, but I don't think I can churn coconut ice cream in them unless I spin around a lot. And then I don't feel like freezing my feet overnight to get the right creaminess.

Don't you worry, dear reader I still have a frozen dessert recipe for you today...and yeah, well I guess I'll post some pics from our "Gracias Madre" meal.  And what an undeniably delicious meal that was :)
Before we went to Gracias Madre translation "thank yo Mama"
gracias madre
 Larry had another little surprise for me...
GiGi all strapped in the car and excited and stuff to go look for an ice cream maker!!!!!!!!

The above video is what happened in the ice cream maker store.

I was so grateful to have a beautiful experience at Gracias Madre.



Enchiladas with Cashew Creme and Kale

Here as promised is the frozen dessert recipe.

Rice Dream Karma Very Cherry (is very good!)
Handful of strawberries hulled and washed of course, then sliced
flaked unsweetened coconut

Chocolate sauce- I ripped off Rip, (see previous posts, please), with a twist from me

1 tsp cornstarch
1/2 C water
3 T agave
2 T cocoa powder

Mix 1 tsp of cornstarch with about 2 T of the water. Mix well 'til no lumps remain. Add to
heavy bottomed saucepan with the remaining water, agave and cocoa powder. Whisk and mix until liquid starts to bubble and turn down to simmer until the chocolate is thickened. Take off stove.
Scoop Rice Dream Karma into parfait glass with strawberries, spoon sauce over it and top with coconut if desired. Chow down. Happy Mofo Day 3. I'm so stuffed.


  1. Too funny Veh-gan Gigi!

    Well, there's always Xmas for a shiny new blender!

    Delish pics!

  2. hmmmm, #1. Kudos to Unk! You should be Gracias Larry! not Madre! He did the right thing,you NEVER give appliances for anniversary is somewhat thoughtless!Yay Unkle!
    and stop calling him Crazy boy!not nice..he is not the Crazy one!! oh,and did the manager ever respond to the appliance request??.. my video was cut off before the arrival!!! happy, happy!! xoxoxoxoxo

  3. haha, Heather. Yes I believe there is always the miracle of Christmas!Thank you for reading.

    You are quite right, Heidi, about the appliances. Maybe I am viewing this whole thing wrong. Maybe he isn't that crazy. Thank you thank you for the well wishes. OH the manager was helping someone else with a Vaygun coffeemaker. I had no time to wait. xoxoxo Thank you for reading.

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! You got SHOES?? Awesome! My fav gift ever is shoes!

  5. Thank you, Heather! And congrats to you too! Truth be told I am a shoe girl. So, Crazy Boy really did a great job with the gift!

  6. "excuse me, excuse me, does this ice cream maker make vegan ice cream?" ROFLOLOL

    GiGi, you're are a whole other brand of comedy! LOL

    Heather, "way-gun"... that is how many Indians (including some vegan Indians) pronounce it!! It is soooo annoying to hear it every time, even after we tell them the right way to say it!! I was totally tickled to hear GiGi, ummm I mean the old person working at the store, say it though. :oP

  7. By that way, Café Gratitude is easily my favorite vegan restaurant in the west coast. I can't wait for our next trip to your part of the world so I can visit Gracias Madre. Looks so yum!!

    And your desserts looks totally slurpalicious!!

  8. haha. Thanx for listening, reading. I know isn't it annoying, Vegansaurus? The old person at the store hahah was...

  9. I love Cafe Gratitude. I Look forward to your next trip!

  10. GiGi, you made a tactical error in the anniversary gift-giving scheme. You give HIM the blender, then borrow it at will. I'm glad you didn't do that, though, 'cause then we wouldn't have seen the ice cream video.

  11. Had we been talking across our walls more frequently, I would have followed you advice, Andrea. There are more holidays in front of us I might need some more blender advice. Thank you for listening ;)

  12. I wanna see the shooooooooooooooooes.

  13. You got it Kittee Bee. I will post them later. Thank you for reading.