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Monday, August 8, 2011

It started in the seventies. Yep I'm kind of old, but I don't really look it because I use good moisturizer and I don't wear old lady clothes. Nooo, silly. I'm a vegan, that's why. Anyway, the parental unit was eating chicken, and Dad said, "Hey Gi pass the leg". For some reason I never gave much thought to a chicken having a leg, but that was it and my vegetarian/vegan journey began. In the beginning, my mom chased me around the dinner table with a hamburger. I was a competitive athlete and my mom thought I would faint on the court if I did not eat dead flesh. Once my mom saw that this was not a phase, she bought me vegetarian pate' and Morningstar bacon, made me hard boiled eggs, salad plates and a yummy carrot cake which is actually more like a side than a cake. I lived on graham crackers and fresh PB from the only health food store around. Once in a while I had a scoop of tuna at a local diner. Oh the shame that's not vegetarian! This is true but in the early 70's really, who knew what a pescetarian was? I was vegetarian enough. My sister Heidi gave me my first vegetarian cookbook ever. I think it was written by George Bernard Shaw's cook. The fish had to go, but what about Caesar salad and Worcester sauce in a bloody mary?  My mornings would never be the same. Ah the concerns. But when one's committed to a cruelty free life, there is always an alternative. The years brought greater commitment and love for the world's creatures. Giving up dairy was simple. I was a performer/vocalist and I didn't like the phlegm. The thought of what little yolks could be made my tummy hurt. Sure the egg on the plate was gone, but I had to compromise, didn't I?  I mean I was a baker after all and I didn't want my baked goods to suffer. But what about the chickies? Being mostly vegan felt like being a little bit pregnant. I would find a way to make these baked goods taste good with out sacrificing taste and most of all not sacrificing a living creature. You can too.
1.Banana is a good vegan leavener-half a mashed banana=1egg.
2.Ener-G Egg Replacer is awesome. 1.5 T Ener-G +2 T water mixed well =1 egg.

Good luck on your vegan journey. You are doing a great thing, my friend. I'm free to answer your questions. You can check out my recipes or order some vegan delights from me too.

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