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Saturday, June 25, 2011

For The Horseys!

After last week's jalopy hullabaloo I almost forgot to tell you something. I like to share the good stuff too, you know. Particularly when it comes to some shameless self promotion. There's always good if you look for it.

Veganville's PB Lover's Voopee romantically dubbed "PB and Chocolate Get Married" Voopee was chosen as one of Etsy's top five cookies of the week over at this delightful blog called Silverrose Designs.  Holly Westfall promotes other Etsian artists as well as her own beautiful shop, but I made this ...She does not make voopees. Maybe she does, most people do these days.
Holly hand crafted these stunning earrings though. I did not. It's hard to make jewelry when I'm making voopees.
Here is the coolest thing about the above jewelry.You get to support a great animal organization! 100% of the purchase price on these earrings goes to benefit Forever Morgans. FM's mission statement:
ForeverMorgans is an organization of volunteers whose purpose is to be a resource for Morgans in need, whether they are surrendered, rescued from shelters, auctions, kill buyers, or simply removed from potentially dangerous situations. ForeverMorgans wishes to open our virtual barn doors to all Morgans in need of safe and loving homes. We focus on registered Morgans but will consider unregistered Morgans on a case-by-case basis.

So gallop on over to Holly's Shop. You'll be doing a good deed, indeed! I'm done horsing around (oh, boy- sorry). Thank you Holly!


  1. Thank YOU Gigi!!! Featuring me was a wonderful surprise on this Saturday :)

  2. You are so welcome, Holly! Well deserved.