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Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Visit to Veganosaurus and a Trip to To Lulu's

I was so excited to go get my hair done by the marvelous Miss Tina the very cool owner of Down at Lulu's. This is always an experience. The place is pink and red with glamour mirrors. I get to browse nifty vintage clothes, yap with Tina or thumb through a 60's dos mag. My favorite part is to sit and chill, spin around in the beauty chair and listen to an eclectic mix of punk and 60's lounge beats. Three hours in a chair is good for my tuckus and tootsies, but my junk mobile had other plans.

We broke down two times in the last three weeks. My good buddies Gil and Mo helped with Veganville deliveries, and my friend Jo even lent us a car for a week. But then Psycho boy told me yes it was indeed a miracle that the junk mobile was running again. I am fond of miracles so I believed Larry's insane diatribe. After all, I'm not too wrapped myself. So when the junker went up in smoke somewhere in the ghetto across from Triple A Ripple Liquors, I had to hoof it over to Tina's. Blisters be damned I had to get my freaking roots done. I love my new doo as usual, but my feet are a red mass of bubbles. Head to toe beauty is not happening in this package. I won't tell you what else went down, but suffice it to say I had a monster of a week.

And hey, speaking of monsters...I gotta turn you onto this monster mash of an Etsy store. Veganosaurus is vegan owned and operated. Susmitha is the multi-talented creator behind these miniature monsters. Boo! Did I scare you? My blistered feet might scare you but these adorable creatures will just warm your heart.

His name is Lint. Told ya cute right?

And these are the backsides of a gang of "Mopeys"

And if all this cuteness was not enough, Susmitha is quite the vegan chef. Can't do a blog without some food porn thrown in.
OMG pecan pesto cabbage wraps. I could have used a sampling of these while twirling around in Tina's chair.
Check out the recipe here:
Masala Pizza Yum yum.
Check out this scrumptousness from the multidimensional Susmitha. Darn you Susmitha ;) Right now the most multidimensional thing about me are my highlights/lo lights. Thank you Tina! Check out both these ladies out of the ordinary shops for extraordinary experiences.


  1. The monsters, the food and I are truly honored to have been featured at THE awesome Veganville blog!! You made our day!! Yay! :)

  2. Please give the monsters a hug for me. I am honored to have you all grace the halls of Veganville. Double yay!!!

  3. Sorry that you had such a crummy week, Gigi. Glad that your friends pulled through.
    And those are some super cute monsters!

  4. Thank you, hope. I'm quite blessed with friends. I wuv those monsters.