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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hey Check out This Uber Cool Vegan Etsy Shop

We interrupt this Veganville sale to showcase another cool Etsy shop. Yes it's true I'm in need of some major Karma points and yes it would be a relief if that hex on me was removed sometime soon but that's not why I've decided to be super nice and use my blog to hype Baubles4knitwits.

Members of the Etsyveg team have all taken a pledge to support and promote one another's shops and feature one a week. The Etsyveg team consists of vegan and vegetarian artisans and shop owners. This week Baubles4knitwits is in the spotlight. B4K, (I just made that up), Jenn Hernandez' adorable and vibrant vegan Etsy shop features stitch markers and knitting accessories for all you crafty Bees out there. I don't know what a stitch marker is exactly. Does it keep a stitch in time. I'm doing my best here. I am the rare Etsian who is not a domestic goddess in all areas. Knitting needles are just sticks to me. Just more things to keep from poking my eyes out with, but look how cute these are.

Bet they would look great as a hair adornment... I mean if they are not too close to my eyes

It seems like Jen excels in a lot of areas. She even brews her own kombucha and has her own cooking blog too- Oh, shoot me now. And check out these beautiful tangerine swirl stitch markers. Wouldn't they make great earrings too? Or keychains even? See they are multi-purpose stitch markers.

And speaking of all Jen's nifty accessories did I tell you that I bought a new pair of spring- summer shoes? What do you think? They are super comfy and I think they'd be da bomb with my new hemp hair sticks.

Blowfish "Georgia"


  1. Oh I love those stitch markers! So cute, I had thought about putting some on a necklace! Love your new shoes too.. so cute!

  2. I know, they'd be great as a necklace too, Heather!
    Thanx, I've been coveting my shoes for a while and then they were on sale at Zappos.How cool is that?

  3. GiGi, You're too sweet to me! Thank you so much for writing such a flattering post about my silly little Etsy shop. I'm grateful for your kindness and liberal embelishment :)

  4. Tis cute! and i like the photography too!

  5. I'm so glad I'm not the only person on Etsy who doesn't know what a stitch marker is! Phew!

  6. Haha, chicgeek. But we are still pretty smart right?

  7. What a nice feature. Go Etsyveg!!! I'm lovin' those hair sticks!

  8. Thak you. Haha, me too Gilding!