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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Big Ass Sale at Veganville

Sale Sale Sale Sale ~~~~ Big Ass Sale 
Why you looking at me funny? Oh I meant it's a big ass sale because it's Earth Day and we live in a big ass world.

Yes obesity is on the rise but we do not pedal artery clogging cruel foods here at Veganville. So we are not selling big bums.
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Sorry not for sale!

This sale is for everybody who has ever had a mother or has ever lived on planet earth. Let's celebrate Earth Day and Mother's Day with 15% off your purchase now through May 8th. Just use coupon code~ mommyearth~ at checkout.

Coupon good while supplies last or until I get tired.

Happy Earth Day Everybody!


  1. Just a thought..I believe SamSam cake should be a bigger "ASS" sale than the other products! say perhaps a "precious" Ass sale in honor of ..NO..not SamSam"s big ass (that he certainly does NOT have) but in honor of SamSam"s Birthday is Earth Day!Hmmph!

  2. p.s.. that ruffely,poka-dot dress,that is sadly not for sale, does not happen to be my old dress from that kids store in Brooklyn?

  3. Yes in honor of Sam Sam too. Sam Sam and Earth Day it is!
    Yes it is your dress, I upcycled it.