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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Cupcake For Mommy

They say it's my mommy's birthday. Every year my mommy says, "didn't I tell you and your sister not to get me anything?" One reason my mommy doesn't want anything is because she stopped counting birthdays.

She doesn't want my sister to get her anything because my sister's perpetually broke and getting my mom a present would mean just hitting my mom up for more money later which really kind of means that in the long run my mom bought herself the present.This does not at all indicate that my sister is ungenerous or slothful or frivolous. Her Dickensian story is for another day. (this is what I call a cyclical gift-not to be confused with the diabolical "re- gift")

Did you ever receive a re- gift? I did. From a wealthy cheapo. Mrs. Scrooge didn't even have the decency to re- wrap the crappy gift they didn't want. They gave it to me with the original paper hanging off. Yuk. I mean why splurge on a piece of scotch tape.

The most prevalent reason my mom doesn't want anything is because many birthdays ago and one particularly auspicious April 17th my mom went into labor and gave birth to a 2.75 pound preemie...Me! (April 18th)

Now isn't that the best gift ever? Happy Birthday, Mommy.

Vegan raspberry cream cheese cup cake for Mommy! xoxox

Raspberry Frosting

4 Oz. tofutti
1/4 stick earth balance (softened-room temp)
3 C powdered sugar
tsp rice milk
tsp vanilla
2 T TJ's organic raspberry preserves (or your fave)

Cream tofutti and earth balance. Add powdered sugar. Beat 2-3 minutes. Add vanilla and rice milk. Continue to mix to frosting consistency. Stir in preserves.

Share with your birthday pal.


  1. Happy birthday! The cupcake looks yummy.

  2. Thank you, Laura. An overabundance of candles this year.

  3. I keep drooling over your goodies it's killing me. I wanted to order some this week but I won't be around this weekend and I'll be stuck with all of goodies to eat by myself. Not good for the waist line and my family freaks out if a goodie isn't Betty Crocker. I may ask a friend to see if she wants to split something soon so I won't feel so bad.


    And yes, the cupcake looks quite tasty.

  4. Aww ij, Thank you so much!haha silly betty crocker! I'll have to send you a coupon code.