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Monday, February 21, 2011

A Heartwrenching Letter From GiGi

Dear God-
It's me GiGi. Again. I'm sorry I'm writing to you in a blog, but I had no choice. The fancy pants stationery I ordered from Etsy, didn't come today, being that it's dead Presidents Day. How are those guys doing, anyway? I hope that you fix teeth up there. I also ran out of pens, and thought of writing to you with beet juice, but I'm saving that for some lip gloss I'm going to whip up.
As you know I happen to like animals very much, so much so that as you probably know I don't eat or wear any. Yes it's true I have tried some un-cruelty free products in Sephora but maybe you should take that up with Sephora.
I realize I am not as globally active as I could be, but I'm not sure how my Voopee pies would do in the Yukon. Besides potatoes seem to have cornered the market there.
I'm writing because I worked very hard to increase Veganville's sales in the last two weeks and lots of that money went to fixing up our junk mobile. And now my Etsy is almost as dead as the Presidents we're celebrating.
So in compendium I'd like to apologize for the plastic bottles I still drink out of and the tin foil I sometimes wrap my pumpkin breads in. Is that why you are not giving me a new car or more sales or bigger digs?

Love and xoxoxoxo
From Veganville

Did you get the new sample box I sent you?


  1. don't waste your breath? Not to burst your vegan, "godly" bubble..but as time passes we just have to accept we just ain't his/her favorites!Keep on Truckin'! xoxo

  2. I figured I had nothin to lose, Heidi. yes you are right, acceptance is the key.