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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Big Ass Veganville 50% Off ONE DAY Sale!

Woot! Woot. It's twoo. It's twoo. Veganville is having a big-ass 1/2 off sale starting this very minute. And it's running from now to doomsday. Well not that long, but it will run for 24 hours .And guess what it starts right now or whatever time I finish writing the entry. Yay.  It's to commemorate (<<< that's a lot of "mmms") Veganville's  Etsy 50th sale benchmark! And to thank you all for putting Veganville on the map.
That's right and guess what naysayers. Veganville hit 50 right after I posted my heart wrenching God epistle. (see my last post) One commenter (the only one) who happened to be my sister Heidi said I was wasting my breath. Well bahaha. I now have a friend in (fill in the blank). or just play the video.

So if you play this YouTube backwards you will find the secret code for your 50% off discount.(not including shipping) or gift certificates (that would be cheating!)
If you are local just convo me through Etsy and I will make you a reserved listing minus shipping.
The secret code is "haysoose". Tell your friends. Because I am a twoo believer.


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Sale ends  February 25th 10:04 PM Pacific Standard time

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