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Monday, January 31, 2011

Marshmallows Pillow Talk

I have had numerous posts where I've chastised outdoorsy mountain people for roasting globby white stuff on a stick. I am an activist about this stuff! I mean business here. I feel so vehemently about this that I've even been a lone protester outside little nine year old Hannah's sleepover.

"I know you're in there Hannah!"
"I can smell the S'mores from out here on your corner".
"You and Brownie troupe 522 are killers"! KILLERS. Do you hear me? Those marshmallows are tragic!
A megaphone works wonders here.
It worked until I had to pay my $5.00 fine for disturbing the peace. What's 5 bucks when you got a mission?
Marshmallows are unseemly. They are deceptive little buggers. Marshmallows seem so cuddly and soft and pillowy and chemical-ee. And they shmush so nice. And when they're drenched with chocolate and, and see, you see how those marshmallows draw you in. Damn candy crack. It's not right. But I don't need to tell you again what they're really made of.

A couple of weeks ago I had a hankering for the kind kind of marshmallow but my local health places were not cooperating. I was about to order some from several suppliers online and everybody was out of stock. Larry's the man. He happened to be picking up some ingredients at WF and lucky for us WF just started carrying Dandies there the day before. Yay!
Remember how the marshmallows of yore tasted like powdery yuk? A Dandies marshmallow has none of that powdery junk on it and is delicious. It might be a little smaller than the old- timey mallows but it's not a marshmallow midget. In addition to gobbling these from the bag, my buddy Mo and I whipped up some bark.
Mallow Bark
We had this on hand:
1 12 oz bag vegan chocolate chips
12 Dandies
1 Cup walnut pieces
1 Cup crushed Jojo's

Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Melt chocolate chips in double boiler. When completely melted, stir in remainder of ingredients. Pour onto prepared cookie sheet. Level it out with a wooden spoon or heat proof spatula. Freeze for about an hour. Break into pieces and eat as much as you can and if you can't sleep read the rest of my blogs. 

This bark would rock with dried cherries and roasted almonds but alas we did not have any.
And that's enough pillow talk for tonight.


  1. They look yummy!!! I was so disgusted when I first found out what actually goes into Marshmallows - so icky! Why anyone would want to eat them over vegan ones beats me!

    LOL there are so many good uses for a megaphone!

  2. This is legendary. Will these be making a cameo in the store?

  3. I know so true, Emmy. Yes, the many uses of megaphones!

    Thanx Sherry! I'm not sure yet. They might require a cold pack to ship. I think I will be making a similar rock road brownie for the shop, so stay on the lookout.

  4. I am totally making this! I even have some Dandies in my cupboard. It is winter after all, and what would winter be without some vegan hot chocolate with Dandies?

  5. Yes! Aren't those dandies dandy, Gilding? let me know how they turn out!