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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Carmine? Carmine Who?

I really didn't know. I swear. But first I have to tell you a little story, to explain away my stupidity.
When my dad and mom whisked us away from our beloved Brooklyn to live in the land of manicured lawns and jockey statues and 5 million dollar gold nativity scenes, they were good intentioned. Fresh air was on their mind. My dad, a Jewish Head Honcho on the NYPD, could never have guessed who his neighbors would be. Marian the Jesus Freak with the long polyester skirt and 11 inch crucifix necklace, her husband Dudley who mowed their lawn in a shirt and tie and her 2 future mass murderer children, (one shot a hole through my parents dining room wall and hid a cat in their gas barbecue), lived on one side. Carmine, the small town mafia crook and his brood lived on the other side. Marian religiously tried to convert my dad. (I know stupid joke). Carmine on the other hand would give you the shirt off his back which was often taken from someone else's back. Still he was generous and he and my dad became fast pals except when Carmine's other pals were there, (he didn't want to look like a snitch). So that was Carmine. Carmine had a son named Carmine Jr. Carmine's grand daughter was  named Carmella. And lots of the their friends were also named Carmine and Carmine Jr. Long Island in fact was infested with Carmines.
Carmine Example
I know. I know you probably found out all about a different "carmine" in HS biology class. Suffice it to say, I was elsewhere. So today, yes today, (the total shame), I found out that Carmine the ingredient found in some cosmetics is not just an Italian ingredient. Carmine is a pigment prepared by boiling dried insects in water. Other ingredients are added to precipitate the coloring process. Ingredients, like egg whites, fish shells and gelatin are often used to bring out the red. I mean who knew-everybody but me apparently. I usually purchase cosmetics that are labeled vegan or at the very least say no animal testing. Well Marian, if I find Carmine, (wait in my cosmetics... (wait does that mean Carmine is a cross dresser?) I'll just have to convert.
Here are some beautiful and economical vegan cosmetics that keep there distance from Carmine. Check them out. They'll make you look hot.

From Brazen Cosmetics -I love this! "Screw Cupid"
or their sizzling pot of red...

Passionate about purple and animals- check  out mineral love's array of shadows

Without Carmine you can pucker up those vegan lips with awesome lip picks like EpicallyEpicSoap's Noir

You can keep that pledge to take off that makeup before you go to sleep with Daisyware's super gentle vegan eye makeup remover.
Nighty-night dolls!


  1. Whoa, GiGi, I know the makeup is real and true, but what about the other stuff — the neighbors — is that for real? It sounds like the pitch for a sitcom. (The lip colors from epic soap look especially cool.)

  2. I have known what is carmine for years, but I only came across it accidentally. It is sad, really. They should say that it is from an insect. Why don't they? Well, I doubt people would want to drink their Sobe drinks or other products if they saw ingredients in the label! Just sad!

  3. Hi Andrea-Yep true. All true crazy right?
    Very, sad VeggieAmanda!

  4. Nice selection! I don't even wear make up (oh don't look so horrified) and yet I find all these featured items highly tempting!! Especially the Epic Berry Noir. That looks like one sexy color!

    well #1 I so SUCK at lyrics and spelling ...
    but life is funnier than fiction! yep, all true!it's TWUE IT'S TWUE!!Carmine??

  6. See everybody- Heidi can sing of nostalgia and then corroborat the Twuth, twuth!