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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Let's All Holler for Challah and a Contest Winner

Let's all holler for Challah! Challah Challah. The braided bread that's not just for Challah-days anymore. Enough of the bread jokes...Apparently I missed my Challing...yuk yuk and should have been a dumb joke writer, but hey wait a minute I was.
Anyway, while I was patiently waiting for another contestant to show up for the "I Got Into My Account" Contest I decided to make bread. Why not? Or in the case of Challah why knot? (Couldn't help myself). It takes hours and yep I had hours to go until I could rest. know that's a bread term don't you? The yeast has to rest and rise and rise and rest, just like a real person. Yeast is alive!! Bahaha. Anyway I like experimenting even after being in the kitchen all day. I haven't made challah in years and have always had a lot of fun with the braiding part. I would include a pic but the challah bread braid came out more like dreadlox.
I got the recipe from Amey's adorable cooklet. I won it last month and finally got an opportunity to make some. Check out  Amey's blog and her delcious properly braided challah. I must say our bread was quite delicious despite it's conspicuous hairdo.

And now the moment you've all been waiting for. No not that moment, silly! The winner of the "I Got Into My Account" Contest is (drumroll please)!
Big Bad Art! Check out their blog collective at
and while you're at it check out their ultra cool Etsy shops. Black Bird and Peacock makes some awesome journals. Larry totally loves this keyboard journal. Check it out!
Totally great, isn't it. Now, go give Blackbird and Peacock some love.Thanx for playing! Enjoy your recipe cards too!

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