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Monday, January 3, 2011

A Year in Review and Secret Sale Code

Aaaaah. I'm a wee bit late to the party here. Got any leftover confetti or one of those twirly noise makers I can borrow? No? That's okay don't mind me. I can sit here and wait til you get some more to ring in 2012. I've experienced so much conviviality, party and work swampdom during December that I am vegan glued to my chair. I am now a half wit slug. 2010 was a doozy for me and Veganville. As out of sync as I've been, I am filled with gratitude.

I appreciate all your support and love. So much so that I'm gonna offer you 15% off any one of the yummies in my store til January 9th. Yes everything must go even though everything is fresh. But no 15% off the gift certificates. That would make no sense and might keep me up at night.

Hang tight for that underground code. You'll have to read the rest of this freakin' blog since the code will be encrypted. Here are some terrific blogs who featured me, my goods (bahaha) and me... did I say me? on their blogs in 2011. Thank you so much. For a complete list of GiGi articles please visit your Library of Congress.

Exploits of a Vegan Wannabe
Vegan Cupcake Thursday
And It's Vegan
LifeTold in Recipes
Weekly Vegan Menu (I even won an award here too)
Lynnore's Logic (a blog no longer in existence because Lynnore got mad at me because I told her what the marshmallows in her cookies were made of)
I was on other blogs too but, seems like they have erased me from their archives.

Can't keep me down for long, not when I won such great stuff this year.
From over in Life Told in Recipes (that fabulous mom-daughter tandem blog) I won the adorable "Cake Pop Book". I was all ready to veganize a few treats but someone in our household (I won't say who... took it and won't give it back)

I finally removed this necklace just long enough to take one quick pick. It's so beautiful! Please check out Silverblueberry's Etsy store and lovely blog.


And speaking of artists. I won this delightful vegan cookbook from Amey over at veganeatsandtreats
Back in November I was in awe of Amey's cartooning and MoFo blog posts and I literally read and reread this pamphlet over and over and I only just got it in December. I can't wait to make the Moroccan soup and challah.
I'll be sure to feature better pics . I promise, Amey. This pic doesn't do justice to "Intergalactic Vegan Delights". (lets' blame that on someone else in the family, shall we.)

Happy New January 3 everybody!
I bet you thought I forgot, didn't you?
easypeasy...that's right sssshhh. "easypeasy".


  1. I always have lots of leftover foil confetti in Christmassy can have it, there's tons of it in odd places around the house *G* Happy New Year.

    It's times like this that I wish had a secret wormhole to America just so I could order some of your cookies and bring them back to the UK :(

  2. Look at you, you little prize winner, congrats!

  3. Thanx, Hazel. Send that confetti right over!
    I know I'm a real winner, ;)

  4. thats fun! so many shout-outs, so little time:) love that cat picture:)

  5. Thanx, DD! But where did all the shout- outees

  6. Thanks for the neat shout-out, GiGi I would give you as many awards as I have, but I don't have anymore. I'm even out of confetti. Happy New Year anyway and keep up the great blogging. You're always a hoot to read :)

  7. Hey-Thanx for swinging by Vegan Aide. Always nice to see you! Why htank you! I stopped by to see that awesome etoufee at your site. Confetti or not here I come ;)