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Monday, December 27, 2010

A Public Apology, and a Thank you

I know you probably stopped by Veganville for some food stuff. And yes, food is the staff or stuff if you like, of life. But really aren't we all a wee bit blimpy after the last few days. Before you settle down in that big comfy chair, (well it used to be big and comfy), with another vat of "Silk Nog", why dontcha switch it up for some nice sparkling water and go run around the block. I don't give a flying falafel if there's a blizzard in your area. I need a minute to compose my thoughts. See ya in a minute.

Hi! Welcome Back. Boy you're sweating like a pig. I take back all that stuff about blimpiness. I owe enough amends and I just lost two FB fans too. I don't think that's my fault though. I think they changed their settings and are hidden from all of FB. Come out, come out where ever you are.

Year in Review Amends to People I happily dissed on my blog:
1. Zooey Deschanel
2. That vegan chick who is  a great big fat liar and eats duck innards now
3. Mommy
4.The late Gary Coleman
5. Tom Carvel
6. Bono
7.Squeaky Fromm
8.Mommy, ( still no Christmas present?)

I'm very sorry.

To the mother and daughter team, (Rachel and Janet), over at Life Told In Recipes  I owe a big super duper apology, even though they are not vegan. They have featured my blog and some of my food writings for their meatless days, so when Janet asked me to write something for their holiday recipe swap I happily obliged, then flaked. Janet not being a vegan asked me during MoFo...bleary eyed time for this vegan, and baker. I was blogging daily and hustling to get out Thanksgiving and pre- Thanksgiving orders. My defense rests. zzzzzz.  Seriously, my utmost apologies, ladies.

I've met so many cool people this year, have read so many great blogs and have been featured in numerous Etsy treasuries. Veganville's goodies and my writing have been featured in a number of blogs this year as well. Why even today Veganville's PB Voopees were featured on Gildinglilies very beautiful blog. Thank you so much. Please check out Gildinglilies awesome art at Etsy. You can click on her link while you're checking out the voopee aesthetics!

I've also won a number of prizes this year. No not the James Beard or Blogger of the millennium Award or anything. I won some really cool free stuff.

Amends #52
I apologize for not talking up those spectacular prizes sooner, Don Pardo.
I will tomorrow, I promise. Really, I can't take doing any more amends for 2010.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out GiGi, I sure did love those goodies that you sent me.
    Thanks for making me giggle, your da bomb!

  2. You are so welcome. Backatcha!