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Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Hurry up and Eat Vegan!

I'm thinking of changing the Veganville moniker to "the hurry up, make the meal and scarf it down vegan". Whaddya think?
Did you know if you put Heimlich in the search engine of my blog you can actually find a couple of posts. My mom has been telling me for eons now not to shovel my food. She blames any physical (okay- or mental) problems I've ever had on how fast I eat.
Tonight I made blackened broccoli and vegan sausage in record time and then ate it all under a minute.
Last night I wokked up some cabbage slaw and lemon tofu in a pan with some minced garlic and served it over that speedy cooking rice pasta. I added some sesame oil, a dash of soy and rice vinegar and a sprinkle of sesame seeds. I snorted it down. I think it was very good.
Larry is a very slooooow eater. It takes him about a day to eat one baby broccoli spear. But unlike my mommy, he does not reprimand. Instead he says, "Why don't you leave the table and look at your Etsy activity page".  I'm out of there like a heartbeat.
My buddy Mo eats fast and talks fast and thinks fast. The other night Mo wanted to make stuffed portabellos again. I filched some additional ideas from unsuspecting bloggers so Mo and I could make some new stuff to accompany the shrooms. It took us a while to whip everything up and then we had a race. This was two days ago. Larry is still eating.
Here's what we had for dessert. I'll start with dessert mainly because the other pics suck.

Pre Refrigeration
I call these "Good Noshy Ganachey" I was peeking around the web and found something real similar over at Vegan Craftastic or Brooklyn Fantastic and Mo and I made a variation. Free country right. I mean my cracker is your cracker.
Right Before Mo and Me and Larry partook

The Improvisation: Sweet and Salty
Line a baking pan with parchment paper.
We used Early July Organic "ritz-like" crackers.
I had leftover PB frosting from an order and we spread it between two crackers. You can use a bit of PB mixed with powdered sugar or PB mixed with agave or PB and strawberry preserves. I melted vegan chocolate chips in a double boiler and Mo got to swirling the crackers with a spatula. Line up on the parchment. Add multi-color sprinkles or chopped nuts.
They are amazingly good. We ate so many we couldn't see straight, which brings me to our next culinary creation and crap picture.
I have been eyeing these vegan deviled eggs for some time now. I first saw them way back when on VeganAide's blog. (See my last blog and just click on her name). Then a couple of days ago I was over at Amandah's blog again (check last post and click there too) and she whipped some up, after she saw Mo's blog (not my cooking buddy, Mo but another Mo) who also whipped up.
Well you know what I mean. Anyway, they look and taste like the real deal but then again who remembers what the real deal tastes like. Apparently I had egg on my face (or on my eyes) when I took the pic.
So kitschy! So good.

So tell me, does it take you close to a lifetime to nibble on a carrot or do you inhale your food? My mommy wants to know.


  1. I think you should listen to your mom. She knows. :D Digestion begins when you start chewing, and chewing is important to breaking down the food. Also, you eat more if you eat fast, and this can affect your weight. Plus, you get to enjoy the food longer if you take your time. After I spend an hour cooking, I want it to take more than a minute to eat.

  2. Andrea, did my mom send you here?

  3. Those chocolate things look good...I'll make when I need to treat myself.

  4. Thanx, sister! Indeed they are!