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Monday, December 20, 2010

Hey You Procrastinator You

Okay you didn't really procrastinate this year. You had to wait to get paid. Had to wait for better Holiday sales. You made up with your friend and you're seeing that old flame again and now you gotta get them something. (Maybe you should have waited to patch things up 'til after the holiday, and really you waited this long to get lai*, couldn't you wait a couple of more weeks?) Now you gotta run out and get two more gifts! O crumb buns!
And speaking of crumbs yeah you could send some Veganville Uncrummy Apple Muffins or pick some up for the morning if you're local, but guess what? It's late and you gotta get these nudnicks something now, and not just anything... something that looks like you put a little thought into it.

How 'bout a gift certificate. You can pick one up at  They're super cute and tasty. Your buddy or paramour, (oh boy why didn't you just wait?), can pick up what they want. You can just download and print out too. Aren't you glad you swung by?
Happy Holidays!

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