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Saturday, November 20, 2010

MoFo 19 A MoFo Excuse Survey

Sure there's a plethora of MoFo surveys swirling around. Sure I'm a survey gal myself and sure they're way fun. I just missed two mofo MoFos in a row. I got a load of legit answers. How 'bout an excuse type survey. You're welcome to cut and paste. I'll even help you with some sample answers.

1. I missed a mofo MoFo because my animal swallowed my recipe.
( iguana, ferret, chimp or even a proper animal name are all excellent answers)
2. I spilled my favorite vegan beverage on my computer and the keys jammed.
( any hot caffeinated beverage is a good believable choice)
3. I had to work a 14 hour day.
( any number after 10 is acceptable, otherwise we don't care and you're a slouch)
4. I had a berry, berry bad cold, toothache, lady's time.
( berry berry bad anything except berry-berry are good answers)
5. My tofu press arrived pony express.
( or example: organic herbs cultivated by Cuban refugees were stockpiled by Somali pirates)
6. I was too drunk , not drunk enough.
( in rehab is a good answer, at Betty Ford's drying out is an unacceptable answer unless you are a big wig celeb vegan)
oatmeal raisin cookie
7. I pigged out on 2 bags of Uncle Eddie's Cookies for dinner and didn't want to blog about it.
( come clean and tell us what you pigged out on instead and  you'll get extra vegan points)
8. I made an awesome meal and my pics suck!

Sucky Pic of Delicious Stuffed Portabellos
 9. I had a rough time with a kitchen gadget.

( masher, mandolin and food mills are acceptable answers)

10. The venting answer. I didn't MoFo because PETA , Animal Sanctuary, Mommies for Baby Animals, and Charities for Charities took precedence and nobody cares, nobody reads me, follows me, or cares cares cares. So there.
( anything works there, it's almost a freebie).

My apologies dear reader for missing two days of MoFo. I made up for it with two today. See you tomorrow.


  1. I missed a VCT blog on Thursday, I feel for you

  2. I finally had a moment and was going to look for your VCT.Do any of the excuses work for you?