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Saturday, November 20, 2010

MoFo 18 Desserts Only

MoFo 18 and today I'm gonna hit you with some trivia that might not be so trivial. And even though you might think you already know everything there is about the universe, Mr. and Mizz MoFo Weisenheimer, maybe you don't know this. Hmmmph. Remember when you were just a wee bit of a thing and you learned how to differentiate between "dessert" and "desert." My mommy taught me that the way I could remember dessert has two esses is because I'd prefer two dessert over two deserts, (with one "s"), I mean who wants to rot in the hot barren dry sun more than once.
Now that we got that out of the way. Betcha thought that the expression "Just Desserts" means here's hoping that someone would receive a sweet after dinner course.
Nope. The expression "Just Desserts" is actually a misspelling of the idiom, "Just deserts" and means just the opposite. I hope he gets his "just deserts", means I hope that bum winds up in a barren wasteland.

Today's blog is just desserts from this week which means none of the above. It means "only" desserts.
Whipped PB tofutti topped choco cupcake (swirl courtesy of Marcia)
Jumbo Apple Uncrummy Muffins

Swedish Fishies for Baby Shower (Marcia did the waves)
 Thanx for visiting Veganville. See ya later.


  1. I love the swedish fish cupcakes! They're adorable.

  2. Now I'm really confused. ha ha Me want cupcakes!

  3. The swedish fish cupcakes are so cute. Bet it was a big hit.

  4. Thank you much everybody! Me too, Roni.