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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Soup Challenged No More

A Beautiful Bowl of Soup: The Best Vegetarian Recipes
Are you a nudnick in the kitchen? Never made a soup in all the years on the planet? Opening a can of Amy's or Campbell's tomato soup and heating it in a nuke proof bowl is the most prowess that you've ever had. Fall is the perfect time for soup, but of course you knew that. Winter is around the bend and wrapping your hand around a steaming mug of goodness is a perfect way to warm up those delicate mitts of yours. Don't fret my little noodle brained soup challenged reader, you can do this! Stay warm.

Based on a Soup from "A Beautiful Bowl of Soup" by Paulette Mitchell

2 Boxes "365" Vegan Broth (or vegan stock) = 8 Cups
1/4 C Soy Sauce
4 Ounces dried Rice Noodles
8 Ounces Spinach (bag of organic is good)
2 C Fresh or Frozen (thawed) Corn
2 Green onions finely chopped
2 T Earth Balance
Red Pepper Flakes
21 Salute Seasoning (optional)

Combine Veggie broth, corn, and green onions in heavy pot. Bring to boil over high heat. Add corn and green onions. Add rice noodles and cook according to package directions (around 6 minutes). Half way through noodle cooking time, add spinach. Taste and adjust seasoning.
To serve, use tongs to divide noodles, spinach and corn among bowls, then ladle in broth. Top each bowl with a teaspoon of Earth Balance and red pepper flakes.

See I told you you could do it!

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