Make No Bones About It We're Vegan

Monday, October 11, 2010


Who cares if I wrenched my back boogieing to the new Robert Plant tune. It seemed like the right thing to do, after all me and the little old bloggie had reached a benchmark. Yep we now had 55 followers. 55 followers in blogsppeak means 55 people sign up to follow what I regurgitate, (not such a good choice of word for a cooking blog), I know. 55 followers mean that in actuality 2 people occasionally read Veganville. One brave soul actually contemplates  making one of my recipes. But Wowee anyway!  With 55 followers I could call my blog GiGiTown. We could be a cruciferous cult and wear faux fur hats. We'd all eat my tofu nuggets three times a week. Followers would build GiGi Town cupcake goddess shrines. Just when I was coming up with a good chant, "I wanna take you to GiGiTown, GiGiTown", I saw that one follower had jumped ship. GiGitown was but a dream. Veganville now had 54 followers again. I know exactly who jumped ship too. It was someone with the handle veggiegail. My mommy almost named me Gail too. I was almost my own follower. Well that's too bad, veggiegail. You'll just have to miss out on my delicious agave sweetened kool - aid.


  1. I believe that GigiTown is an incoprorated hamlet within Veganville. Home prices there are a little steep, but worth it. Good school district too, although their sports program isn't as good as it was back in the day.


  2. Well then you would be right in your belief, GH.if everybody woudl just committ to Veganism once and for all GH then our little hamlet's sport's teams would be tops again or at least play spinning tops.

  3. I'm sorry you lost a follower. Perhaps she thought she was on the virginville site and realized she wasn't amongst her own. Can you and Larry do your own version of the Monk's song from the video??

  4. Thank You, Mark. Me too. Perhaps she was on the wrong site. I can understand the mixup.
    In answer to you question, Mark, yes Larry adn I can do our own version. We have some nice cloaks and we are on our way to the lumber yard now.