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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Shrink Wrap is My Craft

I am invited to paper mache day at my crafty friend Catherine's house. All the craft genius gals will be there. My friends assure me that the glue there will not contain any horse remnants. This puts me somewhat at ease since I would not show up if there was nothing for me to sniff. I am very creative but I suck at crafts. I have PTSD from finger painting, hand print tracing and teeny tiny macaroni art. After five plus years of kindergarten you'd think I'd walk away with some ability other than being able to memorize a couple of rounds of Old MacDonald. Ei-ei-ooooh. Sorry got lost for a minute.
True, I made my 91 year old father an ashtray once, when he turned 90. I forgot it was in the kiln, and we both forgot he gave up smoking 40 years ago.
I'm grateful for the abilities I do have. Why, my new Pumpkin Voopees even made this tasty new Treasury on Etsy. Okay mine are the only ones not decorated but the Voopees are the only Vegan product in it. It took several tries but now I'm really good at shrink wrap. I was looking for Vegan Candy Corn the other day. I was surprised to see that nobody manufactures Vegan Candy Corn, but some multi-talented Vegan mama turns it out in her home kitchen. The recipe reads like "War and Peace". She churns out the candy corn whilst whipping up Vegan Cured Tofu Prosciutto with melon shaped as a bat. Her Halloween costumes are fine stitched from hemp. Said wunderkind does this all while rock climbing in Peru to save some exotic flat footed Platypus. I hate her. Mommy, if you are reading this, I know it's not nice to hate, but that Miss Smartypants didn't stay in Kindergarten until she was 11.

Here I am in the Etsy Treasury.

Looking for a fantastic Vegan gift for under $11.00, (one item is $10.00). These are from my very talented friend's shops.

These Balms are the bomb. I love the root beer. A steal at  just $4.00. They come to you from Daisy Wares in Berkeley. Check out the rest of my friend Roni's shop for great jewelry, and Vegan soaps
This necklace is a beautiful reminder to keep it in the moment! Can't beat the price at $6.00 from my friend Sherry's shop Solstice D out of Michigan.
Although my friend Brooke's shop is not entirely vegan, Brooke does so much work for dog and animal rescue. Major props to Brooke. The newest addition to Brooke's menagerie is a sweet little blind chihuahua named Charlie. Bat Girl is made from recycled materials and found objects and is Vegan. Bat Girl is such a weird little cutie and what a great price too. You can purchase Bat Girl for 10 bucks at Brooke's "Feral Artery" Shop.
Happy shopping everybody.


  1. You are so welcome and thank you!

  2. Thank you for putting Solstice on the same page as Creepy Bat Doll and those scrumptious looking lip balms. I appreciate the kind mention so very much. Etsy is the best!

  3. You are so welcome, Sherry! You are all amongst other terrific Etsians.

  4. Thank you for intoducing me to your friends etsy. Its also been a nice welcome to your blog.

  5. Thank You Mango Cheeks. Welcome to Veganville. I just added myself to your lovely food blog.