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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Veganville Voopee Winner Announced

I am in beautiful Southern California visiting the judges of the first annual, "I Love Voopee Pies Contest".
I think I need a prize.
There were entrants from all over the world and lots of drool worthy flavors to choose from. This was no easy task for the judges. I did do thorough background checks on each of the judges before hiring them.

Judge number one-  91 year old ex - big wig, (Deputy Inspector on the N.Y.P.D.), WW II Vet, Edgar Cayce advocate, Semi - Pro athlete smarty pants, Emcee, (Stand Up) and my Daddy.

Judge number two- an ex - chorus girl, singer, immigrant, hospital volunteer worker, mystery reader,  mystery club president, and ex - doubles player. (I was of course suspect of this applicant's past, but since Mommy is married to an ex cop she met on a raid, I accepted her judge's application.)

Judge number three is a bi - polar pianist who paid me off.

Everything was done fair and square and there were hours of deliberation. Unfortuanately there was a leak and one of the contestants found out who the winner was before the winner was even announced. I found this out on FB. Yes, Heidi, a contestant from Southern California, is quite disgruntled and believes the judges should be institutionalized for not voting for her flavors. Although I agree with Heidi about institutionalizing the judges, it would not be for their supreme judging abilities. Perhaps I should not let my sister Heidi enter my contests any more. I don't know, there was a time when Heidi was the only contestant, so I think I have to let her play.
Anyway, this contest was not fixed!

My judges numbered their ballots vertically and I read aloud each flavor. Next to the number they wrote NG (no good), F (fair), E (excellent). We weened down the applicants and then there was an argument about their favorites. Judge 1 and 2 asked why no one had entered any chardonnay or burgundy flavored voopee pies? (Clear winners with these two judges.)

All in all the contest was a great success. Drumroll please!!!
Winner of the first annual Voopee Pie contest is Sherry a vegan blogger and jewelry maker from Chicago with her entry- Chocolate - Raspberry!!! Yay Sherry!!!
Sherry will receive a box of Veganville Voopee Pies in her choice of flavor.
You can check out Sherry's awesome blog at:

Thank you all for playing!!! You all had such great flavor choices that if I were judging I would have awarded you all a prize. I suspect lots of your flavors will show up in Veganville Voopeeland.

President of Veganville


  1. Congrats to Sherry. I found a video if the judging that obviously GiGi was afraid to share.

  2. PS I am very grateful and proud of the judges who were amazing, helpful on all fronts. Much xoxoxo.

  3. OH no I cannot get the link, Mark.

  4. Correction-My apologies go out to the wonderful Sherry who is not from Chicago but Michigan. I knew that!

  5. Correction-My apologies go out to the wonderful Sherry who is not from Chicago but Michigan. I knew that!

  6. To GiGi and the amazingly brilliant judges panel.....THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I am so excited to have entered and won the Voopee Pie new flavor contest! Something about winning evokes a crazy inner child in Sandy & me, we held hands hopping around in a circle screaming "we won, we won". The Chihuahua ran for cover thinking we were being invaded by a strange cult. It is a cult Chloe (dog), it is the cult of Veganville bakery enthusiasts. Thank you again.

    Sherry from Michigan (Chicago is fine too, as long as the pies are shipped to the right address, call it anything you want.)

  7. Thank you GiGi, you are a sweets sensation! The voopee pies arrived and the savages attacked them instantaneously. We had the PB all peanut butter pies as Sherry's pick for winning the contest and What's up doc carrot cake ones because she loves me. WOW. They are fabulous. Against my wishes, Sherry offered a taste of each flavor to some of our friends, both vegan and non....and they were blown away. All I can say is that I had to put a trap on them in the night so varmints didn't sneak in for more bites. They vanished within 24 hours anyway. Thank you again from the bottom of my stomach.

  8. Oh you are so welcome! So happy you enjoyed the sweets. Hope Chloe got a bite.