Make No Bones About It We're Vegan

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Zzz I'm back!

Zzz. Ooh sorry, didn't know you were here. I'm here because I'm not all there. You are probably here because you're expecting another contest. Hey not so fast. I'm pooped. Or you're here because you think I'm about to share some inside dope on the nefarious egg industry. Nah, sorry I won't be standing on my clear and free non-toxic soap box today. Hey maybe you even swung by to pick up a hot new recipe for a frozen dessert, (dontcha like how I combined the two temperatures?) God knows you could have stopped by for such mind boggling wit and joi de vivre! Bahaha.
I appreciate your skipping by, but really there's nothing happening today.Truth is since I've come back from taking a delightful trip to L.A. and visiting with the Veganville judges, I've been having some difficulty assimilating back into society. True, I wasn't assimilated before I left but at least I stood around the edges. Worse even, I've suffered blogger blank. I've been super duper busy since I've come home to Veganville and any time I've had a free moment well...I sleep...standing up. Please come back and visit I promise to share some nifty new recipes as soon as I get some shuteye!