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Saturday, May 29, 2010

An Italian Tune

I really want to bake some vegan Italian desserts. I am jonesing for CH20. Nothing would make it past the batter bowl into the oven. CH20 reminds me of a H.S. Science Exam I once took.

1. CH20 is another name for____?
GiGi's answer: Chocolate Bunny Rabbits.
2. Sugar consumption starts with digestion in the _____, and then the sugar goes right to the ___?
GiGi's answer: Sugar consumption starts with digestion on a lazy boy in the living room and then  the sugar goes right to GiGi's  ass.
Apparently my answers are not the correct answers. I would still be taking HS Biology if Mr. Kaye, my sweet biology teacher hadn't paid another student to do my homework and take my exams. I cut class so I could conduct other chemical experiments.

Enough flashbacks. Now back to pasties, I mean pastries. I was thinking of making rainbow cookies, cannolis, and tiramisu or something else with espresso. Espresso was a frontrunner. My dad's friends owned Italian restaurants in Bay Ridge, New York so I grew up drinking espresso or demitasse. Demitasse is a strong black coffee served in a small cup. My husband's last name is Tasse. Tasse means cups. There was a time when Larry and I were always in our cups, but those days are long gone and now we just drink coffee. Demitasse means half a cup or small cup. Since I've lost  7.5 pounds I am now a demi tasse or smaller cup size. Demi Moore's name makes absolutely no sense to me, now. I guess being less and more makes her very balanced.
Yes, we have no cake today but don't you worry my little Brazil Nut, I'ma gonna sing to you in Italian. 
(Larry Tasse- piano, Ken Husbands-guitar)

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