Make No Bones About It We're Vegan

Monday, June 7, 2010

Veganville Bloggy is Back

I'm sure that in the last week there were plenty of nights when you hugged your non-goose feather pillow to your chest and cried out in despair,"OMG where did GiGi and her blog go?" All the Valium and Valerian root in the world is no substitute for GiGi's blog! I can't sleep without that Veganville bloggy."
I would never abandon you, you noodle brained insomniac. But believe you me I had some real issues. My computer crashed this week. I considered writing a blog to you in longhand. But since I write in all capitals you would have mistaken my blog for a ransom note, and as it is you have a tough time sleeping. If my mass murderer penmanship was not bad enough I scalded my right wrist with miso soup. A  handwritten epistle bloggy was no longer an option. I didn't have enough postage stamps to snail mail all my fans, anyway. I don't know about you, but quite frankly I've given the P.O. enough scheckles over the years. I think the U.S. P.O. should give me lots of free mugs,stamps, and teddy bear and balloon envelopes, especially since pictures of my face grace most of  the US PO's headquarters. Better yet, I think there should be a GiGi forty-seven cent stamp. Self adhesive of course. Scotch tape is a nuisance. See ya later. I'll bring a recipe.


  1. Thank God you arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr(sorry I nodded off on my keyboard from lack of sleep)
    e back!

    Can't wait for the koffe klotch (not sure your Midwest fans will know what that is)!

  2. zzzzzz.Bet you had a good night's sleep last night. Yay.
    Thanx on the Koffee Klotch. Do I know anybody from the Midwest?

  3. what could be better than sipping Miso Soup while decoding a colorful ransom note, I ask you??
    FYI I am quite sure Valium is much more effective than Valerian root...funny! hope yor burn heals...very dangerous job you have!! xoxoxoxoxox my B'day gifts..thank you