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Friday, March 19, 2010



But First A Message From CEO and President of Veganville, GiGi
Dear Friends-
This has been an exciting and overwhelmingly exciting, really exciting two days in Veganville.That excitement carried right into the Veganville kitchen where I almost nicked myself with a knife (cancel,cancel) three times. Did you know that bandaids are a must in any kitchen, not just vegan?
Here's an old deli trick for those hard to stop bleeding kitchen accidents. Keep some granulated non-bone char sugar around and the next time you almost bleed to death or pass out from a kitchen knife wound, just clot the offending sucker with some sugar. See, sugar is not just for eating. Not here in Veganville, anyway! It's a terrific clotter! Now on to the first annual "Sodium is Your Friend" Contest.

We here in Veganville were pleased to receive so many beautiful entries. Well, they are soaked with blood now but I got the names before I passed out.

We asked contestants to answer these questions:
1.On the Dick Van Dyke Show, what was Buddy Sorell's wife's name?  Answer: PICKLES
We asked readers to send in pictures or reasonable facsimiles of Pickles. (Boy we got some doozies)
2.On that same show what was the name of the show Buddy, Sally, and Rob all worked for?
Answer: The Alan Brady Show

To tell you the truth, some people for the life of them just could not follow the contest rules. (Mommy!) I even received an entry from some smarty pants named "Gillette in Oakland" but he did not follow the contest rules, did not add himself as a follower, hence he was disqualified.

1st prize are a dozen cookies
2nd prize was nothing
We have added honorable mentions!

Honorable mentions will receive a vegan bag of Twizzlers. Winning entry photos will be posted during our "Sodium is Your Friend Series". Thank you all for playing and watch for our next contest!
                                                   Congratulations to all our winners!

First Prize is a resounding tie!
Kim Sloan (New Mexico)
Marcia Marolt(Bay Area, California)

Honorable Mention goes to
Noreen Poli (Bay Area, California)
Mark Samu (Peabody, New York)

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